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This is a golden opportunity to display your brand or logo on our select mini to large customized promotional backpacks. Our custom promotional backpacks have various sized pockets and compartments, some are designed with zippers to securely hold whatever is slipped inside them for safe transport. Some have an open pocket for a water bottle and some have convenient and handy waist or chest straps too.  The compartments are designed to secure cell phones, cameras, keys a credit card or a little cash.   The backpacks were originally designed for school book carriers and their popularity continues to grow with the addition of reflective safety strips for hikers and bikers or walkers. The promotional backpacks include marvelous design and color features with many sizes selections to choose from. The customized imprinting is beautifully done to be visibly eye catching and compliment the bag colors and or your company colors.  Save On Promotional Products outstanding prices will blow you away and our service continues through to your final satisfaction.


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Promotional Backpacks To Pack Your Logo

Every day we see kids with backpacks, loaded with books and heading to school. The name ‘backpack’ is a simply created term to describe the actual item, as in a pack that is kept on the back. In some countries it is also known as a rucksack a term which comes from the German ‘der rucken’, meaning ‘the back’. Most backpacks are made in the ‘frameless’ way, which is a simple design that we see every day. It has two shoulder straps so it can be slipped onto the shoulders and carried resting on the back. These custom promotional products have various sized pockets and compartments with zippers to hold whatever people slip inside them for safe carriage. Some have waist or chest straps too.

Successful Promotional Backpacks

The name ‘backpack’ has also become synonymous with young travelers, backpackers, who literally fill a backpack with essential clothing and other items and travel around the world. They buy millions of promotional backpacks each year just for the purpose of heading off on a gap year to do some exploring. Backpacks are also associated with the military and armed forces. Soldiers carry backpacks as part of their kits, but these are usually the framed variety.

Brand With Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks are specifically designed to carry heavier loads of anywhere up to forty pounds. The frame offers the soldiers extra back support so they do not get achy and tired while carrying them. Modern versions of the military backpack have a frame made from lightweight aluminum or another lightweight metal alloy because the lighter the promotional backpack, the more items can be stored inside without putting too much fatigue on the item or the wearer.

Because of the many available styles of promotional backpacks, it makes them an ideal promotional tool to custom design and hand out to customers or clients. The style can be associated with the nature of your business. For instance, if your business is to do with travel, you can create a brand item that has your company logo on it and is suitable for travelers or general use.

Embroider Your Promotional Backpacks

If your business is geared more toward the military you can design a backpack more suitable for paintball players or air soft players to carry their ammunition in. If your business is more toward camping, you can design your backpacks more toward the customer who needs little places to keep utility items while camping in the wild. The choice is up to you and you can benefit greatly from designing a promotional backpack which can used in a multitude of situations and circumstances.

If your logo, slogan or company details appear on a backpack you also have a mobile business card, just walking around out there, letting people know about you. It’s the best way to advertise and while you have spent a small amount of money in designing and creating the backpacks to hand out, you have the free advertising while they walk around. Call us for the lowest market prices on promotional backpacks and we will help you achieve your marketing goal.