Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags are a No. 1 promotional product winner.  Benefit from the product longevity which will continuously display your embroidered or screen printed logo for many years of budget friendly advertising when choosing a promotional bags from our extensive collection. We have promotional bags for every need from lower price ranged Eco friendly grocery and shopping styles that are reusable and recyclable to transport purchases from the mall or grocery store.  We have athletic and duffel bag types that will display your imprint everywhere they go and our beautifully detailed and sophisticated totes and travel bags make an impact at the office or club.  We have insulated bags for many occasions but their popularity has risen with the lunch bag to keep lunches as tasty at luch time as they were when packed.  We also have a full line of messenger bags and bags to secure electronics and electronic accessories.  Our pricing is formulated to beat all and our friendly and qualified reps look forward to assisting you with your promotional bag order.

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Promotional Bags To Display Your Logo

“We have a plethora of embroidered and screen printed items available for all of your advertising needs. When considering your next promotional product, choose an item that is highly visible, can be used on a daily basis, has a sizeable imprinting area and works in multiple ways to market your business. Items like customizable promotional bags, for example, fall into those categories and work hard at keeping your brand on top.

Successful marketing merchandise is seen by more people more often. With each use, your rate of visibility increases, as does your return on investment. If you are looking to draw in as many people as possible, choose an item that can go out and about wherever you go. Office products and other merchandise work well to keep your brand relevant to your client, but items that are frequently seen in the community are the ones that can better draw in new customers. Custom apparel, for example, is fantastic because it can go with you wherever you go and is worn in a way that is highly visible. The same concept goes for embroidered promotional bags. People keep their bags close to them and so they are a great way to branch your logo out to different communities or neighborhoods that may be unfamiliar with your brand.

Promotional Bags Are Quality Long Lasting Advertising


If you are looking for dynamic promotional bags, it’s not enough to look for an item that is visible when in use. It is important to look for a product that is visible due to the fact that it is used every day. On average, consumers will use the same promotional bag for months or even years, depending on the individual. Day after day your clients will grab your bag and expose your logo to others.

The size of an imprinting area is something to consider if you are interested in a product with a larger logo than most items. Custom promotional bags, for example, have a sizable imprinting area that can be filled with an eye catching logo, or a brand and additional information. Choose wisely when planning out your imprint. If your logo is crowded or overrun with other information, it may detract from your brand. It only takes less than a second for your logo to be noted. Sometimes it only takes a glance, so make sure that your logo is clear and stands out.

Promotional Bags  A Worthy Gift For Your Best Clients And Treasured Staff


One benefit to choosing marketing merchandise like imprinted athletic bags, totes, or backpacks is that, by design, they carry things. Sometimes other promotional items will be stored in a promotional bag and used later, when needed. With custom promotional bags, the nature of the item is to be used. Make sure that your competitor’s items are stored away inside your bag and  your logo is out and visible to be seen by all.

There are a number of different custom imprinted promotional bags available. Promotional bags can be personalized to better match your company logo or corporate event theme, as needed.