Promotional Blankets

Pamper those precious clients and prospects with cozy, warm promotional blankets or throws for the home, car, camping or picnic customized with your identity as a constant reminder of your generosity, your products and your service.  A reminder you want emblazoned in their memory when their need for your product or services should arise. For sports fans the stadium blanket would be an excellent gift choice.  Some fold to make a comfortable bleacher seat be to opened up later when the chill starts to set in.   Our imprinted promotional blankets are a great company picnic gift and a tag along on beach and camping trips as well.  Customizing these with a favorite professional or scholastic athletic affiliation makes it very special. These are available in beautiful select fabrics, colors, and sizes. Our convenient stadium seat blankets when folded have convenient carrying handles for easy transport. All priced to win!

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Build Your Brand With Promotional Blankets

Did you know that when you give a client an item with your company name and logo imprinted on it, you are making a gesture that will profit you for years to come such as Promotional Blankets. That’s because relationships are formed and your client’s roots reach deeper into the platform on which you have built your company. It’s not that a client will feel indebted to you, it’s simply that your associations with your clients become much stronger. The consumer that has been supporting you for months and years wants to feel recognized. Some companies give back by providing incredible sales opportunities, while others use promotional items to extend their gratitude. With promotional blankets you can insure that your logo will stay with your client longer, and that your client won’t forget your expression of gratitude.

Promotional Blankets Small Investment With Remarkable Returns

Custom promotional blankets, for example, are the ultimate way to cozy up to clients and warm their hearts. Because they are a true, physical representation of comfort, your clients will associate your company with positive feelings of warmth and trust. What an amazing opportunity to reach out and show your clients what your company ideals are.

You might be thinking that a promotional blanket is just a blanket, and that the positives are only that your company name and logo will be on display for all to see. While that certainly is that case when it comes to the benefit of having your logo on a luxury item, you are selling promotional products short if you think that they don’t tell your clients a story about what your company stands for. A cheap pen with a small ink reservoir, for example, would tell your clients that you aren’t interested in providing quality items. Chances are that they would think that your business was more invested in purchasing cheap products than products that are manufactured with superior materials. This will show your clients that they are not a priority and that is certainly not something you want to do!

Promotional Blankets A Sure Fire Quality Gift Enjoyed By All


Demonstrate to your clients and employees that you care by giving them plush personalized promotional blankets. We have travel blankets with a mesh carrying bag that can be closed and carried around with a handle. These are ideal for an employee that has to travel for work a lot. We also have fleece stadium blankets that are available in a variety of different colors as well as washable chenille blankets. If those aren’t quite what you are looking for, then how about our picnic blankets that have a water resistant backing and a lavish fleece front. They are great items to pass out to each individual who attends your yearly corporate picnic. Those are just a few of the options that we have available, but all are sure to make a great impression on even your toughest client.

A great thing about promotional blankets is that they have a spacious area for your embroidered company logo. Order your promotional blankets today and see for yourself how great they are at advertising your business!