Promotional Calculators

Crunch the numbers with a popular, functional, reasonably priced promotional calculatore used by all and keeping your customized identity visible for years of advertising.  Calculators are a smart investment and exposing your brand or logo in the office or in the home to all in close proximity is your bonus.  They are used frequently to continuously to strengthen business relationships between giver and receiver which subtly builds a trust to refer to when a need for your product or service comes up. Gifting highly functional tools increases the chances of on-lookers to see and become more familiar with your brand name or logo. Our combo calculators pair up with carabiners, key chains, flashlights and others for convenience and safety.

Browse our selection of promotional calculators or promotional calendar combos  for colors, sizes and powered by either battery or solar energy for the perfect trade show handout or client and employee gifts.



Save On Promotional products proudly formulated pricing to be industry best and you will be pleased with our personal service. We look forward to making your next promotional calculators campaign successful.

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Using Calculators To Brand Your Logo

For years calculators have been staple promotional products and have helped many organizations advertise their business successfully. From promotional calculators to key chain tools, individuals love the various options because they can be used to maintain individuality and are practical. Furthermore, many individuals believe they can never have too many calculators, no matter how big their set of keys gets! Therefore, an organization should never hesitate to use imprinted promotional calculators as part of their promotional campaigns.

Promotional Calculators A Functional Yet Affordable Item Used Frequently

Promotional calculators are not only a smart investment, but they are also a great way to expose your brand or logo to clients and loyal employees always enjoy supporting their company.  Secondly, there are many situations on a daily basis where a consumer can find a use for their promotional calculator. There are so many uses for calculators. When a consumer depends on a product over and over again, it can help strengthen the relationship between the individual and the company that handed out the product. A client may begin to feel that they can trust the giving organization in a significant way. This helps ensure that the client will turn to that organization time and again when seeking out products and services.

Promotional Calculators With Multi Functions

There are a variety of different promotional calculators available. For example, an organization might utilize a whistle key chain or multi-use tools key chain. This is a smart move because it gives consumers greater opportunities to utilize a branded promotional calculator. If a consumer utilizes the key chain portion on a daily basis the branding company will benefit. However, if they utilize the key ring with calculator on occasion, the same company will benefit from that as well. By giving away highly functional tools with multiple uses, it will increase the opportunity for others to interact with your brand.

Save On Promotional Products will assist in any and every way to make your promotional calculator campaign a successful one.  Our prices are the best and our service untouchable.   We are eager to hear from you and talk about promotional calculators..