Promotional Calendars

Don’t miss those vital promotional calendars with . Equip clients and employees with a scheduling promotional calendar for the desk, a larger wall hanging or a magnetic version with eye catching scenes in the USA and abroad, landscapes, pretty girls,  gorgeous golf courses or exotic trucks and muscle cars or antique cars and we didn’t leave out our furry friends and birds all displayed along with your very visible and boldly screen printed identification. We also have a huge selection of promotional calendars with an enlightening inspirational message and some with a inspiring thought for the day. Don’t consider promotional calendars a cheap handout, they’re a low price range vital essential and need to be at every desk for appointments and scheduling, for your golfing clients, employees and buddies who would never want to miss an important tee-time.   Everyone needs a purse or pocket calendar just to keep on top of things so a promotional calendar it a great campaign choice.  Save On Promotional Products has hundreds of choices and will blow you away with outstanding pricing.

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Promotional Calendars

Promotional Calendars galore, versatile styles and formats and visually appealing.  We have an abundance of appointment desk top styles, some daily, weekly or monthly, and there are the month at a glance booklets with ample space to jot a reminder and a choice of scenic, glamour, pets, or special interest pictures for each month (spiraled or stapled).  We have some sticky backed promotional calendars that can be seen consistently where they are put, handy pocket versions and many large wall-hanging styles for prominent visibility and decoration.  Beautiful photography and artful customization with your brand or logo enhance each calendar page and hangs around for 365 days of advertising and they are notably cost effective.   As an added feature, several of our collection can be shipped fully customized within 24-hours when the order is complete with artwork by early afternoon.

Promotional Calendars Last all Year

Keep your employees and clients up to date with an appointment calendar, essential to keep track of meetings, events and appointments and a constant reminder to avoid being a “no show” at an important event.  Choose a configuration that flips a new page daily, shows a week or a month at a glance or the very popular full month blotter style desk pad all with space to jot down reminders and events.  The appealing  photography on many is magnificent featuring scenic wonders, furry friends, birds and wildlife, antique and muscle cars and some glamour shots to name just a few.   A promotional desk calendar gives your organization the desired brand and logo exposure and keeps your contact information where its seen every time you check the date.

Promotional Calendars Can Work Miracles

Save On Promotional Products has a selection of large wall-hanging promotional calendars, some in  eye-catching die-cut shapes and photography appropriate for your market.   Antique or muscle cars  are at home in parts houses, dealerships, even filing stations; pets for the animal lovers, pet stores, veterinarian offices; wildlife and fish for the hunting and fishing related locations and gorgeous inspirational calendars.  You will be a popular supplier when gifting one of our many outstanding glamour calendars to the auto service and repair shops and the construction industry.


For the golf lovers, think of the pleasure they will enjoy just glancing at the gorgeous golf courses on their promotional calendars during a stressful workday while also being reminded of you and your contact information.  They come in all shapes and configurations, with space to jot down tee times or other events and some with golfing tips and a little whimsy sure to delight the golfing enthusiast.

Beautiful Homes Promotional Calendars

We have promotional calendars perfect for the real estate market, die-cut house shapes, picturing beautiful homes and landscapes to attractively decorate the wall or the month at a glance booklet with a dozen different modern contemporary to the gorgeous historical oldies you never tire of seeing.  All will highlight your brand, logo and contact information to be readily available when needed

Promotional Calendars and Pocket Planners

Is it time to start thinking about next year?  A pocket planner, often referred to as a “secretary” is a welcomed gift for guys and gals future scheduling of meetings, conventions, big events, social events, keep track of important birthdays (important to know and acknowledge all important clients’ special day, everyone loves to be remembered and they will remember you for it).  The pocket planners come in a variety of styles, some with stylish covers and all enhanced with your  brand or logo, imprinted, engraved, or on the leather or leatherette a debossing method is often used.

The Importance Of Promotional Calendars

Studies indicate the importance of promotional calendars, imprinted with contact information and visible for at least 365 days and in a budget friendly price range.  The Save On Promotional Products marketing team stands by ready to assist with your calendar campaign to choose the large, the desk, or even a mailer version completely customized with your brand or logo and quoted at our rock bottom pricing.  Our team will closely watch your order from entry to  making its worry-free on-time delivery.    We are eager to team up with you and make it happen.