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Promotional Can Coolers

A promotional can cooler trade show handout or corporate picnic gift are perfect situations for a gift of customized individual promotional can coolers. Constructed in several rugged materials of PVC foam, polyurethane and neoprene (wet-suit fabric) with premium insulation featuring collapsible and folding styles and designs for longer necked bottles with side zippers all available in an assortment of colors including camo. Our selection includes many varieties of popular Deluxe Koozies with a tough, heavy-duty exterior. Promotional Can Coolers are a Trade Show winner.  Recipients will enjoy a cool refreshing drink while perusing the lengthy trade show floor or any big event.  These can coolers are just as well known for keeping a warm drink warm longer. Think of these collapsible promotional coolers priced to meets the masses in a “mail promotion” from Save On Promotional Products that is sure to reward you with a substantial and surprising ROI.

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Promotional Can Coolers Are Cool

If you are looking for a creative promotional item to advertise your company, or give your brand long term exposure, then we have exactly what you are looking for. Promotional can coolers are a great way to provide your customers with a quality product that is great looking, affordable and functional. With a large variety of colors and designs available, Koozie promotional can coolers will seamlessly fit the theme of any event, and are the perfect giveaway item that will continue to advertise long after the party is over.

Promotional Can Coolers The Perfect Trade Show And Outdoor Gathering Gift

We understand that our customers are looking for superior products that are reasonably priced and functional year round. Our promotional can coolers are made from durable, light weight materials that have an insulated interior designed to maintain the temperature of your beverage three times longer than a drink without a can cooler. During the warm months, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold beverage to help cool you down. Simply place your can in a Koozie and relax while sipping on a drink that will stay colder longer. You’ll never have to drink a watered down beverage again! But don’t let the name fool you, because Koozie promotional can coolers aren’t only for helping keep your drink ice cold. The insulated interior also reduces the amount of heat lost from your hot beverage, and will effectively keep your hot chocolate toasty warm during those cold winter nights. That’s right, our promotional can coolers are always practical because they can be used all year long. That’s a small investment that never stops giving!

Did you know that marketing professionals consider simplifying your approach to be one of the best ways to engage your audience? Brand recognition is important, and the simplest way to get your company name visible is with customized can coolers. There are no frills involved, but the promotional payoff of a down to earth giveaway at your next corporate picnic or company party is never ending. With each sip, your customers will see your logo, and so will everyone else around them. But the marketing rewards don’t end when your event has finished, because your customers will use your promotional can coolers at their next outing. That means even more exposure to your company. Whether your customers are relaxing at the beach or walking through a busy mall with a drink in hand, promotional can coolers are one of the easiest ways to be seen by a lot of people! Every time  your customers use your great gift, they will be telling the world around them about your company.

Promotional Can Coolers Inexpensive quality keeps cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm longer

Promotional can coolers are not just for companies looking to advertise their brand. Celebrate with your friends at a baby shower, or use the promotional can cooler as an original way to announce that a little one has arrived. Use them as a save the date to publicize your upcoming wedding, or hand them out at your reception so that your guests will never forget how fun your wedding was. They are even a great way to unite relatives at family reunions, advertise your favorite team’s colors at a kickoff party, or personalize one for each member of your family so that there is never any confusion on whose drink is whose. A great way to bring a smile to your son or daughter’s face is to pack their lunch using a can cooler. There is nothing worse than a warm drink after a long morning of studying. You will never run out of fun and interesting ways to use Koozie promotional can coolers.

With our promotional can coolers your worries will be out the door.   No more worrying about the condensation that forms on the outside of your can. With promotional can coolers you can make a better impression by introducing yourself to new customers interested in your products, or greeting the company vice president, with dry hands and a confident handshake. Made of long lasting material, the easy to grip promotional can coolers will also keep you assured that you won’t lose your drink while navigating through a large crowd or dancing at a party. And your significant other will be most impressed that your can will never leave messy water marks on the desk or coffee table ever again. No more damaging water rings, and no more worries. Forget the coasters and buy a can cooler!

The Koozie Can Coolers are light weight and can easily travel with you on the go. They are thin enough to keep in your pocket, purse or backpack without taking up any room or being uncomfortably bulky, but they are tough enough to keep any can cold (or warm too for that matter). All of our promotional can coolers are made of long lasting, washable materials that fit snuggly over your can and will give it extra stability during that raucous tailgating party. And rest assured that your logo will be imprinted with durable ink that won’t wear off from use after use and wash after wash.

So whether you want to have an invigorating drink available for you and your pet after a long hike, announce an important cause to the world, or provide a fun door prize that will keep people interested in your brand for months to come, our promotional can coolers are a must have for any occasion. Don’t miss out on one of the easiest ways to expose your business to a wide variety of people, and order the refreshing promotional can coolers marketing tool that will keep on giving.