Promotional Carabineers

Receive lasting identity exposure with an everyday promotional carabiner that conveniently hooks onto anything with a loop or hook keeping necessary tools of their trade or hobby close at hand. Never loose keys again when secured on a promotional carabineers and visibly hooked in their special place. A flashlight hooked to the belt for easy access can be a life saver and think too of  a knife or perhaps a tool that is frequently used hooked with a carabiner to keep it handy.  Consider too attaching promotional carabineers to bags, belts, backpacks, and with the many combo designs of keylights, bottle openers, multi-tools discover even more uses and everyone can always use one more.  You may think of a carabiner as weak or inexpensive handout but you can be sure it becomes a powerful giant when it attaches a vital or safety tool to your belt for easy access–it then can become a virtual lifesaver.  Great trade show or major event handouts and our prices make it an affordable promotion for the masses.

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Promotional Carabineers A Little History

Carabineer, or Karabiner, comes from the German word ‘karabinerhaken’ which means ‘spring hook for a carbine’. The idea of a carabineris a metal loop that has a spring loaded opening, a gate, which is used for connecting safety components, such as for mountain climbing, caving, pot holing, rescues, window cleaning or abseiling. These safety critical components can be joined with a carabiner to prevent the ropes and climbing equipment from coming apart. Imagine, you are climbing the front face of a large cliff and your only link to safety is a carabiner, holding your ropes tightly to the cliff side. You would not want it give way because the idea of falling hundreds of feet into a ravine is not a comforting idea at all.

Promotional Carabineers Securely Clamp Onto A Loop Or Belt

There are two kinds of promotional carabineers those that lock and those that do not lock. A non locking version of the carabiner’s gate simply swings open and closed on the spring loaded pivot. These versions are often used by climbers to create a ‘quickdraw’. They do this by connecting a short length of their rope, usually nylon rope, between two on the non locking versions. There are also various types of ‘gate’ on the non locking promotional carabineers. The bent gate has a curve to allow the user to quickly clip a rope knot into the carabinerand for making a ‘quickdraw’. A wire gate is the lightest of the types of carabiner available but the lightweight version means it is possible to carry more of them around. Finally, there is the straight gate, which is the most popular and certainly the most utilitarian of the tree.

Of the locking variety of promotional carabineers, there is the screw lock and the twist lock. The twist lock has a security sleeve that the user must manually rotate in order to disengage the rope. However, the springs do automatically close as soon as the release is activated. The screw locking promotional carabineer has a sleeve over the gate, that is threaded and must be both engaged and disengaged manually. The spring loaded versions have more moving parts that the screw locking type, but the screw locking type do offer more of an advantage in that they can re engaged without any user input. The shape of a carabineer doesn’t change much in terms of style. However, there are some variations, such as D shape, oval and pear shape. As to sizes, they do vary according to the purpose for which they are made, but this does make it easy to print details on them, including company details when using them for promotional purposes.

Promotional Carabineers An Inexpensive Outdoorsman’s Buddy

Camping, hiking, outdoor pursuits and other activities all might use a promotional carabiner at some point and the companies that make and sell that kind of equipment can benefit greatly from using them as marketing tools. When they attend a trade show or expo to promote their company they can use them as free gifts and personalize the promotional carabineers with their own company name. For the lowest market prices on  promotional carabiners, contact us.