Promotional Clocks

Time to consider a new and timeless promotional clocks as the focal point of your next promotional campaign. Night and day every glance at the logo enhanced clock will be a reminder of your business and it will hang around for years. Our selection includes modern, contemporary and old standard style choices of wall, desk, travel and promotional clocks. Timepieces are priced right for giveaways or as a handsome corporate gift or award which becomes a keepsake. The price range easily fits any budget especially at our low price point.

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Promotional Clocks Meet The Test Of Time

From the days of the sundial, time pieces have been something that mankind has come to rely on. In many civilizations the time piece can dictate an entire day, from the moment we get up, go to work, have lunch, clock off work, get home, watch a certain news program or a TV show.  The church bells used to indicate that it was time for church and the entire congregation would head to the local house of worship. The Greeks had the ‘horologia’ which came from ‘hour’ and ‘tell’, but the mechanisms inside the horologes was largely unknown.  Our modern day version of promotional clocks run from small basic economical varieties that are dependable to very high end luxurious watches and to award type varieties and even stand alone grandfather types.

Promotional Clocks and Watches In Huge Price  Range To Satisfy Any Budget

Ordinarily, throughout history, a clock has been defined as a timepiece with a bell. A time piece that has no bell, or ding or other sound is generally known only as a ‘timepiece’. Since the invention of the watch, a timepiece worn on the wrist, the general term for each type of the time pieces have been defined by their behavior rather than their purpose. The town clock would signal the hour by ringing its bell, Big Ben is famous for chiming the quart hours, the half hours and the full hour with different bell sounds.

One thing to note, that many people don’t realize, is that Big Ben, the famous London clock at the Houses of Parliament, is named for the bell, not for the clock. In other words, Big Ben is the bell inside the clock tower, not the clock itself.  The clock is definitely one of the most ancient of human inventions, from the sundial to the water clock and early mechanical versions. The newer mechanisms included the bells, and therefore the name ‘horologe’ ended up losing its usefulness to be replaced by clock. In Canterbury Cathedral in 1292, a ‘great horologe’ was installed and this was part of a huge surge of clocks taking pride of place inside many ecclesiastical buildings in England, France and Italy.

Promotional Clocks A Trade Show Crowd Pleaser

The fifteenth century saw the arrival of spring driven clocks, but this also posed a concern of how to keep the time pieces running as efficiently as the spring wound down. Later versions of the clock demonstrate how the problem was addressed, with the introduction of fusee and the stackfreed. In the eighteenth century the modern ‘barrel’ was the next leap in clock mechanisms.  In today’s market the variety of promotional clocks is enormous  and runs from a basic timepiece to those used for executive and retirement gifts.

Promotional Clocks Make An Impactful Statement

Clocks are always going to be of interest to people who are fascinated with their age, their style, their mechanisms or just the whole piece in general. As a gift, a promotional clock can symbolize many things and they are extremely popular marketing tools for companies. The company can use the promotional clock as free gift to its clients and customers, printed or engraved with the company name and logo, along with the telephone number. If your company is considering using promotional clocks as a marketing tool, get in touch with us for the lowest market prices.