Custom Athletic Bags

Custom Athletic Bags

Sports bags and custom athletic bags are likely to be among the most popular type of hold-all used to carry our stuff in. We like the convenience of using the bags that have a huge zipper top and plenty of storage room for our clothes, sports kits and more or less anything we want to put in them. They are sturdy and easy to carry, having two handles on the sides and a should strap for placing over our shoulders.

The sports bag, or custom athletic bags are based on the old fashion hold-all or swag bag that sailors used for carrying their kit and civilian clothes. Anyone who has seen the old movies like ‘On the Town’, starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, will recognize the familiar look of the ‘over the shoulder’ swag style bag that had a tie up around the top. They were a huge part of the navy, sailors and marines kit and are still used by many. When it came to the sports world, the custom athletic bags or duffel bag was the main piece of carrying equipment used, until the design changed somewhere during the 1960’s to 1970’s. Tennis players began using bags which opened at the top and could contain their spare tennis racquets as well as their spare clothes and other tennis accessories.

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Custom Athletic Bags

The custom athletic bags were developed by many sporting companies, that are now synonymous with making various types of sports clothing, accessories and other items. They were brand names in sports and they designed the custom athletic bags to appeal to a wide range of sporting people and enthusiasts. The bags are roomy and collapsible, making them easy to use and light to carry.

Many Options On Our Custom Athletic Bags

The convenient shoulder strap that attaches to most bags helps sports players to carry multiple items while hauling the custom athletic bags over their shoulder. Swimmers, tennis stars, soccer and football stars can all be seen carrying sports bags with their kits in. So popular have they become that many people who are not even interested in sports (yes, there are a small amount people out there who are not!) still carry a sports bag because of the simplicity and convenience of use.

Custom Athletic Bags For Your Next Marathon Promotional

Companies who like to use promotional items as free gifts can often purchase a large order of sports bag, made to their own custom design and specifications for use at trade shows and sports expos. The Portland Marathon Sports and Fitness Expo is held in October of each year and thousands of attendees will flock to the various vendor stands to see their exhibitions. The exhibiting companies will have free gifts to offer visitors and if your company is a potential attendee and exhibitor you might like to consider the idea of sports bag. They are topical and easy to customize with your own company logo and colors. Contact us for details on the lowest market prices for custom athletic bags.