Custom Printed Athletic Bags

Custom Printed Athletic Bags

Custom printed athletic bags have many other incarnations, dating back to the first type of ‘hold all’ bag or ‘Duffel bag’. Initially, a hold all is a type of bag that derives from the Duffel bag. The Duffel bag originated in Belgium, where it was named after the town in which the material used to make it was invented. Custom printed athletic bags are a heavy duty kind of material associated with the military and sailors. They were often called ‘ditty bags’ or ‘sea bags’ and the sailors would use them for their kits and uniforms when they boarded or disembarked the ship. The Custom printed athletic bags are said to have derived its status during the post-World War II era in California and the east coast of Australia when surfers began using them for their own requirements.

The shape of a Duffel bag is usually long and cylindrical and this basic shape is how the athletic bag came into being. During the 1960’s and 1970’s sports companies began creating their own take on the Duffel bag and added new features, such as a sturdy leather or heavy plastic pouch, a zip for the top, so that the bag could close and handles to make them easier to carry. It was Adidas that first designed the now infamous style of custom printed athletic bags and since then, many other sports companies have played with the design and created new styles, using more modern materials.

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Custom Printed Athletic Bags

With the advent of newer technology and the ability to create newer materials, the custom printed athletic bags now has added features, such as mesh pockets, removable flat bottoms that can be put inside collapsible bags, and washable material. So popular are custom printed athletic bags that there are also embroidered, printed and colored bags that look far more futuristic than previous decades. Having embroidered athletic bags with a company logo on them are common, because the embroidery never comes off when washed. Printed logos can become fragile after too much use and being bashed around, but the embroidery will very rarely look like anything other than brand new.

Embroider Your Custom Printed Athletic Bags

Many sports companies embroider their own brand logos onto athletic bags not only to brag about their style and abilities but also as a marketing ploy. Knowing who made a certain bag makes it faster more simple to know how to buy one if you like one. However, many non-sporting companies are now looking at custom printed athletic bags as a way to freely promote their own brand or company.

Logo Your Custom Printed Athletic Bags

Having their own logo stamped or embroidered onto an custom printed athletic bags allow them to give them to customers who visit their premises, take them to trade shows and expos as free gifts and promote their company details and the nature of the business at a very reasonable rate. If you own a company that is looking at such a type of promotion, get in touch with us and we can offer you the lowest market prices for promotional embroidered athletic bags.