Screen Printed Athletic Bags

Screen Printed Athletic Bags

Athletes around the entire globe carry their gear in a particular style of screen printed athletic bags. Theyare commonly known as athletic bags, regardless of the style. However, generally speaking an  screen printed athletic bags will be a ‘hold all’ style that holds all their sports clothes, shoes, towels and other products.Ordinarily, a holdallis made out of canvas, leather, poly plastic. The style is typical of a tubular or square shaped bag with two handle straps on the sides. There is generally a should strap, too, which is adjustable and detachable. Design alterations made over the years have changed some bags to be a little more functional and compact. These compactable bags can be compressed and folded when not in use and this makes them extremely handy and portable. They can be kept empty inside a bigger bag and used as extra luggage when traveling.

The old version of a hold all or  screen printed athletic bags was the duffel bag. This was a canvas bag, usually tubular and with a tie top to secure your goods inside. The duffel bag had a strap that slipped over the shoulder and it was useful for carrying anything including clothes or other objects and items. A Duffel bag—or kit bag and  screen printed athletic bags are named from the Belgian town in which the thick canvas cloth that is used to make them was created. The army, sailors and the marines use duffel bags to carry their kit when on maneuvers’ or training and to keep their kits in when they are on shore leave. It gained cultural status within sub-cultures in Australia, where it is rumored that the ‘swag bag’ was an indirect ancestor of the duffel bag. Ordinarily it was associated with vagabonds and itinerant workers who had no specific home, during the middle of the nineteenth century, through to the middle of the twentieth century.

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Screen Printed Athletic Bags

Generally speaking the Australian version of a du screen printed athletic bags became far more popular during the 1960’s, when carrying such a bag made a person look like a ‘surfie’. They were made from canvas and colored khaki. Where there were once eyelets with the drawstring to pull the top closed, the Australian surfies would just leave the bag open and hoist it over their shoulders.

Screen Printed Athletic Bags For Athletes

Modern Athletes carry their equipment in one  screen printed athletic bags and their clothes in another sometimes. Tennis players especially need two bag for their many change of clothes during a long match. Athletic bags are also ideal for using as free giveaway presents to give to customers and clients.

Logo Your Screen Printed Athletic Bags

The bags can be printed with your own company logo and slogan and if you buy the kind that does collapse you can store them in a far smaller area. If you are looking to attend a trade show or to give them as free welcome gifts, contact us for the lowest market prices on all screen printed athletic bags.