Custom Branded Emery Boards

Custom Branded Emery Boards

Flood the area with custom branded emery boards in classic designs for all occasions to billboard your logo or message throughout the community.  European emery paper is laminated to each side of wood veneer to make a durable nail file.  Emery Boards are a gentler approach to manicuring and much less abrasive than the older style metal files.  We also have the oblong block buffer style nail care product.  Each of the four sides on it are finished with diminishing grit starting with the heavier grit for more quickly reducing length or correcting damage down to the smoothest buffer to get the professional polished finish sheen you love to see.  Save On Promotional Products has a variety of custom branded emery boards to successfully promote your company easily and extremely affordably.

Our selection of custom branded emery boards will help market your business successfully, economically and with great response!  Imprinted emery boards are a unique way to target your clients and are a sure vehicle to get your business noticed. When you review all of the options available you will see the rewarding benefits of custom branded emery board promotional campaigns.  They are cheap enough to feel comfortable ordering a huge supply and flooding your area with your brand or identity.  Consider them and use them like a business card.    We have large boards, small ones, files in plastic sleeves, we have some in  sets and special shapes to fit any campaign theme.  Our customers have bragged of their successes with die cut custom branded emery boards in a rash of shapes to fit relators, auto and truck dealerships, a religious offering, the causal ribbon for special benefits and many more to check out.  We have many different shape selections like houses, vehicles, a tooth, ribbons, and seasonal holiday shapes for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

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Custom Branded Emery Boards

Personalized custom branded emery boards have been around for decades helping nails look more professional as well as advertising your business. Emery boards have a great way of keeping your nails looking manicured and pedicured and also answer a promotional need for your business. While custom branded embery boards certainly can be used by cosmetic companies, hair and nail salons, other professions in the beauty and fashion industry don’t think those are the only companies taking advantage of custom branded emery boards advertising campaigns.  They will work in any company because they are used by every guy and gal who individually have needs for an emery board.   Capitalize on that need with a practical promotional product that is so successful – everyone uses them and any company can brand them.  They are always a welcomed handout.

Your Logo On Custom Branded Emery Boards

Emery boards are not only for nails, they do have other life expectancies, guitarists rely on them to smooth ‘musicians callouses’ caused by to much practicing and playing.   Metal guitar strings are the well known culprit causing the callouses, especially during long practice sessions during the learning period.  The custom branded emery board does a good job smoothing them out.  They are great items to pass out by the thousands at conventions, seminars or trade shows, and small enough that coupled with other promotional products make a bigger impact. Consider them too as a great mailer promotional campaign that can be packaged with other amenities to bring a smile on your clients’ faces.  A custom branded emery board slipped in an envelopement along with your catalog would entice the receiver to check out your products and add impact to the catalog.

Custom Branded Emery Boards At Save on Promotional Products


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