Custom Emery Boards

Custom Emery Boards

Flood your area with custom emery boards in classic shapes and sizes enhanced with your logo or message and flood them throughout the community.  European emery paper, laminated to each side of a strip of wood veneer or cardboard produces a durable nail file.  Emery Boards are a gentle approach to maintaining nail appearance and far less abrasive than the older metal files.  Our collection includes an oblong block buffer style nail care product.  Each side is finished with an emerypaper of diminishing grit starting with the heaviest grit for quickly reducing length or correcting damage down to the smoothest buffer to get the appealing  professional polished finish sheen.  Save On Promotional Products has a variety of branded custom emery boards to promote your company easily and affordably.

Marie Antoinette is credited in advancing early nail care.  She carved pumice stone into short pen like shapes to maintain her beautiful nails and which influenced many women of her time to do the same.  Luckily, the advent of emery boards has developed with European emery paper laminated to each side of wood veneer or cardboard to make a durable nail file.

Custom emery boards are available in many theme related horizontal shapes, ovals, cause ribbons, business cards and holiday seasonal shapes plus the block style and many more shape related sizes and from mini to large files some enclosed in sleeves, all with promotional pizazz!   Among our many custom emery boards we have the popular mini sized file which may appear as a small gift but custom emery boards make a super statement and at an unbelieveable low investment.  For literally a few cents you can broadcast your brand, flood your community with your identity, exposing your products and your services to thousands.

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Custom Emery Boards

Of our many different shapes we find the oval shaped custom emery boards to be a popular choice and become part of many women’s make up kits, others just tuck one in their purse or pocket.  The oval shape provides a larger, more eye catching imprint and investing in the uniquely shaped oval wholesale emery boards is a valuable marketing tool. Our imprinted custom emery boards are a great promotional choice and our prices will beat all.

Imprinted Custom Emery Boards

Our imprinted custom emery boards are so reasonably priced, its is hard to pass up the opportunity to flood your community and handout the personal amenity that will get your name or brand recognized throughout your area.  The custom emery boards are used by gals and guys of all ages adding to the advantage of using them as a promotional product, they’re good for all making for easy distribution.  They are great for trade shows, conventions, and especially for barber and beauty salons, spas, gyms, and athletic clubs.  You might suggest adding a bowl of imprinted emery boards in reception areas for guests to pick up at will.  Another important use is to include one in a mailing when sending a brochure or catalog for a little added impact.  You just can’t overdo it with distribution, the more you put out, the greater your rewarding exposure.

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