Custom Printed Emery Boards

Custom Printed Emery Boards

If considering entering the promotional product advertising world, it’s a profitable choice and you’ve come to the right place.  We strongly recommend custom printed emery boards  because they are ridiculously inexpensive, are used frequently by almost everyone, they are a quality product and can be used repeatedly producing a great bang for your marketing bucks.  We suggest five important tips to guide you when searching for the special item that will get you the most reward for your investment.

First and foremost, never sacrifice quality for cost.  You can count on high quality promotional items to provide a longevity of service you cannot depend on with products manufactured of lesser materials and craftsmanship.  Impress your clients and potential clints with quality products (which don’t have to be expensive).  That quality characteristic will reflect on you and how you and your business operate.  Our custom printed emery boards are almost exclusively constructed of European emery paper, laminated over a wood veneer (some are cardboard or foam). They have a coarser grit on one side to shape the nail and a finer grit on the other for a smooth nail finish and the usefulness of a quality board can be depended upon for repeated nail repairs over and over again.  Quality equates to longer identity exposure!

Choose the right item carefully.  Importantly, you are choosing for your target audience and not for your self satisfaction.  Focus on how the product will affect your client.  A great choice is one they will love and use, one that will benefit there life in some way and make a difference.  Everyone, guys and gals alike, use custom printed emery boards frequently and would all be likely candidates to gift with a quality emery board and also consider them being used by spas and salon owners, and also cosmetic companies and most every company would find them promotionally beneficial.

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Custom Printed Emery Boards

Have a distribution plan.  Custom printed emery boards distributed to spas and salons is basically a no brainer.  They are used by guys and gals of all ages so they make a great trade show, convention and seminar handout. Your employees are also proud to show their loyalty by using your imprinted boards so they too would love getting them.  Be creative and think outside the box by donatng a portion of your custom printed emery boards to local charities or benefit organizations.  They can pass them out as gifts or include them in welcoming packages but however they get used, you will start seeing results from this generous gesture and your generosity will be appreciated.

Custom Printed Emery Boards Keeping It Simple

Keep it simple!  With limited imprint space, don’t overload the space with too much dialog, it will make it appear jumbled and more difficult to read and, therefore, become a detraction from your brand or logo.  Scale your imprint to a size that will comfortably fit the space allowance to let your showy logo pop.

Use A Theme Custom Printed Emery Boards

Keep a theme. Matching corporate colors with logo colors reinforces your brand and makes an impressive promotional package.  Continually using your company colors and your chosen fonts and graphic will become closely associated with you and your organization and just a glimpse of them will bring you immediately to mind.  Be consistent, using your chosen font, colors, and graphic throughout brochures, catalogs, promotional products, stationary, actually everything company related will boost your recognition significantly.


Following these steps, you will create promotional items that your clients will be scrambling to receive!  Give Save On Promotional Products a call and we will get your order for custom printed emery boards started.