Custom Printed Salon Boards

Custom Printed Salon Boards

Custom printed salon boards are not only an emery board everyone would want and use daily, but it includes a case to store it in. Salon boards are available in several lengths from 3-1/2” to 7” with ample imprint locations from 2-3/4”W to 1/2”H to 6-3/4”W to 1”H.  Salon boards are constructed with a foam core (for that gentle touch) and emery paper applied to each side.  The nails and toes can be kept looking their best when maintained with a custom printed salon board and that personal professional look knows no season, however, flip flop season presents the opportunity to show off beautifully pedicured toenails.  Custom printed salon boards are used for the tops of your nails too (as in, the nail itself, where you would put nail polish). It smoothes the minuscule nail ridges and gives them a shiny, healthy appearance. Generally, it’s done in four steps: shaping, smoothing, buffing, and then they are ready to be finished off with polish.

Custom printed salon boards are basically a flat piece of foam, covered on both sides with emery paper, emery being an extremely hard mineral ground down to a fine gritty abrasive powder.  Industrial grade emery is found on Naxos, a Greek Island.  It’s been continually mined there for over 2,000 years and is still being shipped from there around the world to make emery paper, and for specialized construction needs.  Salon boards are used like sandpaper for the skin and nails, sounds rough but one side is coarse enough to shape nails and the other smooth enough to leave a sheen.  Salon boards differ from regular emery boards in that they have a softer, more comfortable foam core.  We have  several sizes from mini to large and novel shapes. Check out our baby bear salon board made with superfine white emery paper on both sides. Perfect for Baby’s delicate nails, imprinted in delicate pink or blue and our standard imprint colors.

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Custom Printed Salon Boards

Never sacrifice quality.  Many companies who sell promotional merchandise do not prioritize product quality as the first and foremost concern. Big Mistake!  Thanks to top quality construction and materials, our custom printed salon boards are of a quality you will be proud to associate with your logo or brand identity.  They will serve your clients and customers for several years and reflect that standard of quality image on you and your company.

Custom Printed Salon Boards For Your Next Event

Along side top ranked quality, consider a few other vital steps to ensure a most rewarding and successful promotional product campaign. Develop a solid and creative distribution plan.  You can distribute these quality boards at Trade Shows, Seminars, Hair and Nail Salons, Barber Shops and Spa grand openings and at Anniversary and Wedding events. They make great handout and memory type gifts, recipients will keep them around showing off your brand for years. You might also consider donating a batch of custom printed salon boards to a local charity or benefit organization to hand out as gifts and you will be surprised how they will rapidly be spreading your identity throughout the community.   Salon boards are not generally used daily but are used frequently throughout the month, making them a great promotional product that will give long lasting exposure for your identity long after it was given out.

Consider Your Target Audience And Custom Printed Salon Boards

It is also vital to consider your target audience and choose a product that will please them.  If they love it they will use it and keep your identity exposed with every use.  Another important consideration is your enhancement.  Keep it simple.  Don’t clutter the imprint area, keep your brand the highlight and very visible.  With those vital steps you are headed toward a successful and rewarding promotional products campaign.


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