Discount Emery Boards

Discount Emery Boards

The importance of cost is usually a top consideration when choosing discount emery boards and although they are incredibly cheap, they are of a quality you will be proud to associate with and make your mark in promotional advertising. With a ridiculously low investment you can spread thousands of quality discount emery boards, exposing your identity, to your clients, employees, friends and throughout your community.  Consider that gifting a single discount emery board to a solitary individual will engrain your image in their mind and when your product or service is needed yours is the name that will turn to.  Well, consider just what flooding your client base, your employees, and your community with those ridiculously inexpensive discount emery boards (or include them in your mailings) knowing that every one of those contacts are potential client.  Now that is mind boggling but is the exact potential of promotional product advertising.  It will boost your image and your recognition to the point that when one of those potential clients needs your product or service, it is your recognized name that will pop right up.  So pass them out liberally at trade shows, conventions, seminars, put a handful in a bowl in the reception area at the local barber shop, spa, hair or nail salon, athletic club and so on. Distribution is endless and the results, outstanding.

Don’t second guess the importance of quality, it is undoubtedly the vital factor that influences your recipients respect for you and your business.  Another vitally important consideration is choosing a promotional product that will please your target audience, they have to love it to use it. Extended frequent use is all important for the desired long term brand exposure which leads to another vital consideration. Enhancement, keep it simple!  Don’t clutter the imprint area, make your brand the highlight and keep it very visible.  The cost will be insignificant compared to the benefits, rewards, and exposure passing out hundreds or even thousands of  discount emery boards will be.   Keeping those vital steps in mind as you move forward to your adventure in advertising and you are headed toward a successful and rewarding promotional products campaign.

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Discount Emery Boards

Discount emery boards are more gentle than the older style metal nail files which were more abrasive, often leaving nail tips rougher than desired.  Emery is a hard rock mineral, that is ground down to make an abrasive powder.   It’s been mined on the Greek Island of Naxos, for more than 2,000 years and is used to make emery paper among other construction needs.  Emery paper which is the gritty paper applied on each side of a piece of wood (in some cases its cardboard or foam) forms the emery board.

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Our discount emery board collection which is all imprinted at no extra charge, includes an emery block designed with one coarse side, two diminishing grit sides and the final buffer side one handedly allows sizing, shaping and buffing all in one for a beautiful and professional finished sheen to the nails.  Our collection of imprinted discount emery boards includes, the large (up to 7”), the mini (as small as 3”), all kinds of horizontal theme shapes and sizes, we have sets, we have files in protective sleeves, ovals, card styles, and so many more, we even have a washable variety (with a foam core).   You’ll enjoy looking at our wide variety, it’s extensive.

Dual Functions With Our Discount Emery Boards

We consider discount emery boards a dual function gift.  They are frequently used in place of a business card or handed out along with a business card for a little added impact.  Some emery boards have a musical side life.  Guitarists use emery boards to smooth uncomfortable ‘musicians callouses’ resulting from too much guitar playing and practicing. Metal guitar strings are the culprit.  They are renowned for causing callouses, especially during those long practice sessions during the earlier learning period and throughout their guitar playing career. The promotional emery board does a good job smoothing out the roughness and making fingers more comfortable and attractive.


If we have presented our promotional quality, imprinted discount emery boards in a way you have become as excited about them as we are, give us a call. You will also be excited about our price.