Imprinted Emery Boards

Imprinted Emery Boards

The imprinted emery boards are a multi tasker!  Use them for their primary responsibility of caring for fingernails, toenails, and calluses which they do very well, but they double very well also as business cards and promotional advertising.  When you are determining your imprinted emery boards order consider your client base and how many you will need for your next big event and  order plenty of extras to flood your community with your identity.  Emery boards are far less abrasive than the older style metal nail files which can leave your nail tips rougher than nails finished with a gentler emery board.  The emery has been mined on a Greek Island for over 2,000 years and is shipped around the world to make emery paper which is applied to each side of a piece of wood (in some cases its cardboard or foam).  Beside the common flat two sided emery board, we have the block style which has a coarse side two diminishing grit densities and the final buffer side to get a beautiful professional finished sheen.

Imprinted emery boards are an affordable and frequently used personal amenity and the perfect gift for beauty, cosmetic and hair care trade schools instilling how important personal nail maintenance in their image and job performance and a wise choice to handout at beauty salons, barber shops, and spas. If you own a beauty salon, are a hair and beauty supplier, a health farm or day spa, or any business connected to personal care, emery boards are the perfect item to have in a bowl or basket in the reception area for visitors to just help themselves to your imprinted emery boards.  A creative way to spread your identity throughout the community.  Another creative idea is to donate a supply of your imprinted emery boards to local benefits and charities to distribute in their own way to their loyal supporters and you will be surprised at the impact it will have.  Your emery boards will quickly spread through the community and you will be thought of for your generosity for this relatively inexpensive gesture.

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Imprinted Emery Boards

You will find a variety of theme type horizontal shapes to add pazazz to any special themed promotional campaign.   We have many shape selections to choose from like houses, vehicles, ribbons, and seasonal holiday shapes for Christmas and Easter and more. We also have popular ovals, cause ribbons, and the block buffer style plus many more and sizes from mini to large and we also have washable ones all with promotional perks!   Among our many imprinted emery boards is our popular mini size.  They may be small in appearance but they have a powerful punch (line that is) and they are popular and ridiculously a low cost investment. Billboard your brand or message, flooding your community with who you are, your products and your services can easily be achieved through advertising with promotional products.

Imprinted Emery Boards And Music

Some emery boards have a musical side to life.  Guitarists use them and need them to smooth out ‘musicians callouses’ caused by playing and practicing on the guitar. Metal guitar strings are known for causing callouses, especially during long practice sessions trying while learning how to play and throughout their guitar playing career. The promotional emery board does a good job smoothing out the ugliness and making fingers more comfortable and attractive.

Imprinted Emery Boards From Save on Promotional Products

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