Large Emery Boards

Large Emery Boards

Promote goodwill when gifting emery boards! Large Emery Boards are such a convenient nail maintenance tool, everyone needs to have one handy for emergency repairs and daily maintenance.  What a dream it would be if they were all imprinted with your contact information.  While people believe they are only used to help file down your nails, they actually have another important use, they are a smart and very efficient way to advertise your business. Not only are Large Emery Boards very inexpensive and can be ordered in the thousands for a small investment that practically speaking, any marketing budget can afford. They are lightweight and can be stored and transported in a tote bag or purse without adding much of any extra weight and they have more surface space for your imprint. Understand the inexpensive advertising advantage of large emery boards and you will see why we highly recommend them.

Emery boards are essentially a piece of wood or cardboard, or some other material, coated on both sides with emery paper, a ground mineral known for being extremely hard.  Emery is a hard rock mineral ground down to a fine gritty abrasive powder.  The industrial grade of emery is found in a location on the Greek island of Naxos.   It continues to be mined there for now well over 2,000 years and is shipped around the world for emery paper, and construction.  Emery boards are used like sandpaper for skin and nails. They are sold in drugstores and beauty supply stores because looking good from head to toe is important to so many or actually most people. Because the Large Emery Boards are made with such a few materials, they are easily manufactured, the overall manufacturing costs are kept at a minimum. They are so cheap many salons use them only once and discarded them to avoid cross contamination and maintain desirable customer hygiene.  Increase your business visibility by passing out several emery boards to your clients so they can take your imprinted logo home and wherever they go and even share one with a friend or colleague.

How convenient to have a Large Emery Boards readily available if an unfortunate broken nail occurs.  It is easy to break a nail or let your nervous nail biting habit kick in. If for any reason you find a need for a quick repair pull out your Large Emery Boards to smooth the problem area. Hang nails can get painful when pulled on, so just smooth them down, out of sight, out of mind which will spare yourself the discomfort.

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Large Emery Boards

Calluses can cause distress and get embarrassing but they can be smoothed away with the more powerful large emery boards. In just a few minutes your feet and hands will look and feel better and when the warm weather rolls around you can feel more confident and comfortable in your flip flops.  Emery boards need to be kept handy because they have other applications around the home too. For example, if you have a stain on your suede couch, use your emery board to remove it. This works on most leather goods as well. You can also use your emery boards in place of sandpaper when you find yourself without a piece of sandpaper when you need it.

Large Emery Boards Large Imprint Area

If the large emery board with its large imprint area and its cheap price are driving you toward an emery board promotional campaign, give us a call.  We will work with you to make an exceptionally inexpensive and successful large emery board promotional campaign.