Mini Emery Boards

Mini Emery Boards

Promotional mini emery boards are small and affordable, but they make fantastic gifts to advertise your business. The promotional value of this unbelievably inexpensive promotional product can’t be beat.  You can comfortably order thousands without sacrificing your marketing budget so jump in and you’ll soon be flooding your client base and community with imprinted mini emery boards.  You might think being selective with your distribution would be a worthwhile saving but in reality your rewards will come from handing out imprinted mini emery boards freely, much as you would a business card.  When you would normally reach for a business card, try handing out a promotional mini emery board and see the look on your recipients face.  You can go a step further and present your card with a promotional mini emery board for a little more impact and your imprinted emery file won’t end up in a stack of business cards or stuck in a rolodex and forgotten.  It gives your clients the impression you will go out of the way to ensure their satisfaction.

Many of our promotional mini emery boards come in standard shapes and small or mini sizes. Constructed with a coarse grit on one side, and a finer grit on the other designed specifically to maintain the nail and produce a finished luster.   Besides the mini emery boards, we have a selection of large emery board files, salon styles, we have various size sets, we have them in cases or sleeves, we have washable ones and we have them in many themed shapes and many sizes.   They come in a variety of different colors too. Choices are endless.  Matching or coordinating your logo and your corporate colors reinforce your brand and make an impressive promotional gift package.  Consistency in using your company color scheme along with your chosen fonts and graphics will become closely associated with you and your organization to the point where just a glimpse of the combination will bring you to immediate recall.  Continue the consistency approach using your chosen fonts, colors, and graphics throughout paperwork such as brochures, catalogs, and stationary, along with any promotional products and actually everything company related to significantly boost your name and brand recognition.

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Mini Emery Boards

There are endless ways to make your promotional gift stand above the competition so get creative, look at all of the options.  Personalized mini emery boards are available in a number of different shapes, examples of which are our standard options, a heart, a cause ribbon, a circle, house, a car or truck on one end, just to name a few. Their design allows room for a larger imprinting area.

Be Creative With Mini Emery Boards

You could get a little more creative and have your company logo imprinted inside the heart, for example, leaving extra space for your company name or information on the length of the board.  The options translate into having imprint area to imprint your message or identity or whatever is important to you without a resultant cluttered or jumbled appearance.  It is important to keep the imprint space clearly imprinted with your brand or logo for optimal visibility, the whole point of promotional advertising.

Seasonal Mini Emery Boards

We also carry a selection of seasonal emery board designs that are a fun and great items to hand out during the holidays. There are unique options designed as Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments and candy canes for example.  They are a perfect handout for any holiday gathering and think of adding one to each of your business Christmas card mailings for a little longer lasting impact.  Contact us to see the many different shapes and designs we have to fit target audiences or businesses.   All emery boards provide an easy way to literally get recipients’ hands wrapped around your logo or brand frequently.  Keep in mind that anyone can turn out to be a client so pass them out liberally to see a greater return on your investment.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Mini Emery Boards

You can’t go wrong choosing custom mini emery boards for your next promotional campaign.  The items described are but a few of the options we have for you. Check out the shapes, colors and sizes to choose a memorable design that is useful and appealing for your audience and a promotional boost for your company.  Give us a call, you’ll love our mini emery boards price.