Personalized Emery Boards

Personalized Emery Boards

There are a number of important reasons why Emery Boards need to be in every purse, or easily accessible in some way. While people believe they are only used for a quick repair to smooth a damaged nail or to shorten a nail, they actually have other uses and are a smart way to advertise your business. Not only are Personalized Emery Boards very inexpensive and can be ordered by the thousands with but a minimal investment.  Emery boards are so lightweight they can be stored in your bag or purse without adding any noticeable weight so you should carry several to use as business cards.

Understand the benefit of personalized emery board advertising and you will see why every business needs to use them, and why emery boards need to be in everyones purse oe pocket. We have large boards, small ones, files in plastic sleeves, we have them in sets and a host of special shapes.  Our huge selection of custom shapes will enhance a theme promotional campaign and some are directed at individual genres and fit the theme of any event with no additional die charge.  Our Customers have had great success with die cut personalized emery boards in custom shapes such as vehicles, houses, a tooth, a cross, a causal ribbon, milk bone, special holidays and more to be a perfect fit for businesses like relators, cars and trucks, dentists, any special benefit or cause naming just  a few.

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Personalized Emery Boards

Personalized emery boards come in a popular mini size.  They might be small and super affordable, but they make a big statement when advertising  your business. For literally just a few cents you can have a large quantity of personalized emery boards to billboard your branding or message to flood your area and gain remarkable logo exposure. You can’t beat our quality of the personalized emery boards and you certainly can’t beat our price!

Personalized Emery Boards With Your Company Logo

When you get your emery boards imprinted with you company Logo, and all company contact information on them they make outstanding advertising tools.  The best part is you can use them as giveaways at Trade Shows, Real Estate conferences and Seminars for all those awesome consumers. You want that customer to feel special, and receiving a gift from you will let them know that you care. At Save On Promotional Products you can order a durable and great quality product done on a professional level.  You can get three background color choices to print your slogan or logos on with optional imprint color options. The emery board gives you all your own style, and people will be asking where did you get that.

How Personalized Emery Boards Are Made

Let your customers know they are special with personalized emery boards imprinted with your Logo and contact information. They are made with European emery paper, placed on a wood veneer. They ship out flat and in bulk. You also have a large area to imprint whatever information or message you would like on your emery board. So, don’t delay ordering your custom Emery Boards today from Save On Promotional Products, where you get friendly help with a smile.