Printed Emery Boards

Printed Emery Boards

Looking for a new promotional product that will be affordable, useful to many, high quality, and easily distributed, you’ve come to the right place.  Save On Promotional Products has all sizes and shapes of quality printed emery boards on which you will be proud to vividly display your logo, brand or message and at our special pricing that will astound you.  Keeping fingernails and toes looking their best requires constant upkeep so having an emery board handy is essential. We all love having beautiful finger and toes manicured to perfection keeping your hands attractive and during the nice weather show off those toes during the flip flop season.

Printed emery boards fit any purse, day bag, and carry on bag for air travel.   Give them out at Trade Shows, Seminars, Nail Salon grand openings, Wedding and Anniversary events. They make a great imprinted gift to handout or use as an event memory souvenirs. You can order a durable, great quality professional level emery board.   The printed emery board gives you your own style, you can get three background color choices to imprint your slogan, logo, or message with many imprint color choices.  You pick the imprint ink for your product.

Let your customers know they are special to you by gifting printed Emery Boards with your Logo and contact information. We have mini sizes and large sizes and many inbetween. There is a large area to billboard whatever you choose to adorn your product but don’t delay, let’s get your order for custom Emery Boards started today where you get friendly help with a smile.

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Printed Emery Boards

Emery is a hard rock mineral and when finely ground makes an abrasive powder.  The industrial grade emery is found on the Greek island of Naxos and where it has been mined for over 2,000 years and shipped all over the world for making emery paper, and specialized construction uses.  Printed emery boards are disposable nail files constructed by affixing emery paper to both sides of thin wooden or paperboard stick (in some cases a foam inner stick is used).

Huge Variety Of Printed Emery Boards

You will find a huge variety of fun related theme type horizontal shapes to perk up any special themed promotional campaign.   We also have popular ovals, cause ribbons, and a block buffer style plus many more and sizes from mini to large and we have washable ones all with promotional pizazz!   Among our many printed emery boards is the very popular mini sized file. Though they are small in apperance, they pack a super statement at a rediculously low investment.  Billboard your brand or message, flooding your community with who you are, your products and your services while continuously exposing your identity and gaining recognition can all be accomplished at budget friendly pricing.

Many Shapes Of Printed Emery Boards

We have many different shapes and find the oval emery boards to be a popular part of women’s make up kits and many just tuck one in their purse or pocket.  The oval shape provides an even larger imprint area which can make a more eye catching imprint on the oval printed emery boards making it a valuable marketing tool. Our printed emery boards are top notch, and our prices will blow you away.