Promotional Emery Boards

Promotional Emery Boards

Multi task your promotional emery boards.  They double as a useable personal grooming tool and a business card.  When it comes to distribution, order plenty of extras to spread your brand or logo generously throughout the community.  Experts say we open to new and creative ideas when performing routine and mindless tasks like nail care and grooming, just the job for emery boards.  Emery Boards are the gentle approach to manicuring and less abrasive than using the older style metal files.  We also have the block style buffer type nail care product with four sides, each side with diminishing grit, the smoothest buffer side adds a polished sheen and finished look to the nails.  Promotional emery boards are an affordable and popular personal amenity and a great gift for beauty, hair and self care trade schools instilling the importance of nail maintenance in their job performance and a no brainer for handouts at beauty salons, barber shops, and spa giveaways. Give us a call.  You will love our amazing price quote on promotional emery boards.

A few interesting facts about the history of promotional emery boards.Emery is a hard rock mineral ground down to make a fine abrasive powder. Industrial grade emery is generally only found on the eastern side of the Greek island, Naxos. For more than 2,000 years emery has been mined there, and sent all over the world for making emery paper, used in wood working and construction and promotional emery boards. Promotional Emery boards are disposable nail files, made by adhering two sides of thin emery paper to a thin wooden or cardboard stick. The emery board was discovered accidentally, during the 1830’s, by a podiatrist call Stitts. He created an ‘orange stick’ to remove firm and dry skin from feet. He got the idea from an old dental tool that was probably used to file down sharp or jagged teeth, it’s history that is somewhat uncertain. He also found that promotional emery boards could be used like fine sandpaper to file down nails.

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Promotional Emery Boards

Back in the days of the King’s Court at the Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette is credited with carving pumice stone into short pen like shapes to use on her nails. The convenient shape was easier to use and her nails became the talk of the town. Soon, many other women were using the same method to prime their own toe and finger nails. Promotional emery boards are less abrasive than the metal varieties. Metal files can actually damage the nails leaving rough edges, whereas the gentler emery board leaves a smoother finished edge.  It usually has two sides, a rougher side and a buffing side for a smoother finish.  There are also other styles of emery boards which are like an oblong block. Each of the four sides has a diminishing emery surface, from the roughest emery surface and stepping down to less gritty surfaces and finally to the smooth buffing emery surface for the finishing touch. The appropriate side is turned to use on the nails and the buffing side can be used to put a lovely sheen on the surface of the nail, for a professionally manicured look.

Promotional Emery Boards For Many Aspects Of Life

Emery boards have another aspect of life, guitarists use them to smooth out ‘musicians callouses’ caused by playing and practicing on the guitar. Metal guitar strings are known for causing callouses, especially during long practice sessions while learning to play. The promotional emery board does a good job smoothing them out.

Promotional Emery Boards Are Inexpensive

Emery boards are an inexpensive often used manicuring tool good for promotional campaigns and marketing situations. It is a cheap and simple way spread your imprinted promotional emery boards throughout the community to gain recognition and bring new clients through your door.  Promotional emery boards created with your company logo to offer as incentives to your customers can be imprinted on  a selection of colors and in many shapes and sizes.


If you have a beauty salon, are a hair and beauty supplier, a health farm or day spa, or any other business connected to personal care, emery boards are the perfect item to have in a lovely bowl in the reception area for visitors to help themselves. If you are attending a trade show or beauty expo, get in touch with us to get your order started at the lowest marketing prices available for promotional emery boards.