Wholesale Custom Emery Boards

Wholesale Custom Emery Boards

Probably the most important part about considering wholesale custom emery boards is that it’s one of the most incredibly cheap ways to make your mark in a promotional advertising campaign.  For just a ridiculously low investment you can be spreading thousands of quality custom imprinted boards to your clients, employees, friends and throughout your community.  One imprinted emery board given to one person starts to engrain your identity in their mind so just think of what flooding your client base and your community with your identity will do making everyone familiar with your products and services, and that way they all become potential clients.  Mind boggling, but it’s just how promotional advertising works to boost your image and recognition.  Pass them out at trade shows, conventions, seminars and put a few in a bowl in the reception area at the local barber shop, spa, hair or nail salon, athletic club and so on. It’s endless and the results, outstanding.

Above all you can easily defeat your purpose by messing around with inexpensively constructed products. They may fail or certainly not stand up to a desired level.   Be safe, choose a quality product and when a restrictive budget is of concern, still choose a quality product but in a price range that is affordable.  Our wholesale custom emery boards are a quality product constructed of quality materials by quality controlled manufacturing and they are still cheap advertising.  Lesser quality emery boards may not provide satisfaction to the recipient and leave a negative attitude toward the giver and the company name imprinted on it.

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Wholesale Custom Emery Boards

The wholesale custom emery board is a multi task tool!  Used primarily to care for fingernails, toenails, and calluses and they do their job well. Their dual purpose reputation comes when they are used as personal cards and business cards and most importantly in promotional advertising. The advantages of their cheap advertising quality is unbelievable and should not be looked upon lightly, it can seriously affect your bottom line.  If you are considering a wholesale custom emery board order, consider your client base and how many you will need for your next big event and be sure to order plenty of extras to flood your community with your identity, you’ll be so glad you did.

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Wholesale custom emery boards are less abrasive and more gentle than the older style metal nail files which can often leave nail tips a bit rough.  Emery is a hard rock mineral, when ground makes a gritty abrasive powder.   It has been mined over on Naxos, an island off Greece for a couple thousand years and is shipped all over the world to make emery paper which is the gritty paper applied on each side of a piece of wood (in some cases its cardboard or foam) to form the emery board.

Imprint On Both Sides Of Our Wholesale Custom Emery Boards

Beside the two sided emery board, we have an emery block style with one coarse side, two demising grit sides and a final buffer side that gives a beautiful professional finished sheen to the nails.  Our collection of wholesale custom emery boards includes, large, mini, all kinds of horizontal theme shapes and sizes, sets, files in sleeves, ovals, card styles, and so many more, even a washable variety.   You’ll enjoy looking at our wide variety to find the perfect one for your audience or campaign theme.

If you still aren’t convinced promotional products advertising is the way to go, give us a call and we will share our many experiences with you.  If your decision is to go with a wholesale custom emery boards campaign, we can get your order started today.