Wholesale Emery Boards

Wholesale Emery Boards

Probably the best part about imprinted wholesale emery boards is that they are incredibly inexpensive. You can enjoy passing them out by the hundreds or even thousands at trade shows, conventions, seminars and flood your community with enough imprinted wholesale emery boards to make a difference.  Just one emery board will engrain your business name into the mind of a clients so imagine the benefit of using them by the thousands to help boost your image. It’s no exaggeration, for a minimal investment you will have thousands of imprinted wholesale emery boards to billboard your brand.  That is smart and cheap advertising!

Emery is a specific hard rock mineral when ground down makes a fine gritty abrasive powder.  The industrial grade of emery is only found in a location on the Greek island of Naxos and has been mined there over 2,000 years, shipped throughout the world for emery paper, and construction purposes.  Wholesale emery boards are disposable nail files by affixing emery paper to both sides of thin wooden or paperboard stick.

They come in various fun related theme type horizontal shapes, ovals, ribbons and the block style plus many more and sizes from mini to large and all have promotional pizazz!   Among our many wholesale emery boards we have a very popular mini sized file. They might appear to be a small gift but these make a super statement at such a rediculously low investment.  For just a few cents you can be billboarding your brand or message, flooding your community with who you are, your products and your services while continuously exposing your identity and gaining recognition.   We have many different shapes and find the oval emery boards to be a popular part of women’s make up kits and many just tuck one in their purse or pocket.  The oval shape provides an even larger, more eye catching imprint and investmenting in the uniquely shaped oval wholesale emery boards is a valuable marketing tool. Our wholesale emery boards can’t be beat, nor can our prices.

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Wholesale Emery Boards

The boards are cheap. Take full promotional advantage of that and pass out thousands to spread your name throughout the area. It is used and needed by gals and guys alike so the unisex nature of this promotional product gets distributed to all. Keep a jar full setting out so anyone can pick one up or include one in a mailing. The more that get distributed the more your name gets exposed.

Brand With Wholesale Emery Boards

Marie Antoinette is credited in early nail care, she carved pumice stone into short pen like shapes to keep her nails beautiful and her nails became the talk of the town. Soon, many women were using the same method to prime their nails. Wholesale emery boards are much less abrasive than the metal files which actually damage the nail tips by leaving a roughness on the tip edges. The gentler emery board leaves a much smoother finished edge.  It usually has two sides, a rougher side and a buffing side for an attractive finish. Another popular wholesale emery board style is an oblong block with grit on all four sides starting with the heaviest grit to handle the tougher jobs and stepping down in gritty surfaces to the final smooth buffing emery surface for the finishing touch that adds a lovely sheen for a professionally manicured look.

What are you waiting for? Check out our selection of wholesale emery boards and get your brand noticed. Call today for your wholesale emery boards.