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Consider using a generous and thoughtful Promotional First Aid Kit for your next marketing inventory investment. Your clients, prospects, employees and friends will appreciate the caring you are extending with your identity and healthy conscious message. The kit contents vary but are filled with useful often needed items like band aids, germ fighting creams for cuts abrasions, pain relievers for agonizing headaches, wipes to clean a wound and much more in the larger kits. Face it, emergencies happen. Your gift of a small simple kit, a household emergency kit, or the more deluxe survival or disaster kit put recipients at ease knowing they are prepared. Every home,vehicle, office and job site should be equipped with emergency care and our promotional first aid kits await your branding to be handed out as a thoughtful and caring gift.  We recommend the disaster or survival kits for home and office and even a camping trip.  Accidents are unpredictable and being prepared for whatever confronts you is important and comforting.  Our prices will make it very affordable.

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Promotional First Aid Kits Are A Fantastic Way To Brand

A promotional first aid kit is a compact kit that can be essential in a time of a medical emergency. It should contain all the major items needed to perform emergency triage at a remote scene, when a hospital is not an immediate option. Many times, an emergency promotional first aid kit can be used for a simple cut and other times it can be a life-saving piece of equipment.

Generally, a simple promotional first aid kit can be found in a number of places, such as a school, a library, an office, a bar or any other public place that the public attend. Many places of work are required by law to carry at least a first aid kit for use in an emergency and to not carry one can result in a penalty. The ISO, International Organization for Standardization, sets all standards for first aid kits around the globe. They are meant to uniformly appear the same so that people can recognize the symbol, similar to the way we recognize the International Red Cross. The symbol for the ISO first aid kits is a white cross set into a green square as the background. Alternative symbols for the same kit is a green cross on a white background, slightly differing from the ISO version.

Be The Hero With A Promotional First Aid Kit For An Emergency


Typically, promotional first aid kits include bandages, Band-Aid sticking plasters, pain killing medication, antiseptic and disinfectant. These types of kit are generally meant only to treat minor injuries such as cuts, bites and sprains. More advanced kits will contain gauze, sterile patches for eyes, non-adhesive patches, trauma shears, tweezers, thermometer, bandages, sticking plasters, butterfly closure strips, for use when stitches may be required, saline, burn dressings and antiseptic wipes, as well as a defibrillator for heart attack response. Kits like these are usually carried by paramedics, or found on airplanes for those in-the-air emergencies.

Promotional First Aid Kit Priced For Large Crowd Handout


Promotional First aid items are also an excellent way to promote a business. It is not important what nature of business your company is in, because first aid is important to everyone at one point or another during their lives. Promotional tools are a vital part of marketing in today’s business society and it is especially important to come up with novel and interesting ideas to promote your business. Usually, something that no one else is doing will certainly get you the attention and maybe even catch on with other companies. It would definitely give you bragging rights if you did decide to do something different first.

Initial Expense Dwarfed By Useful Promotional First Aid Kit When Needed

Your company logo can appear on the top, side or bottom of free promotional first aid items boxed neatly into a first aid kit. Promotional first aid items are useful for emergencies and promotional giveaways at trade shows and expos. If you are looking for the lowest market prices on promotional first aid items, just get in touch with us and we will give you the information you need to win new clients and customers.