Promotional Highlighters

Vital fact recovery is made quick and easy with a Promotional Highlighter which is a special kind of pen with a special kind of ink that marks but does not block out original script.  Add a custom imprinted promotional highlighter to a conference package indicating the importance of the facts to be addressed. Students are constantly using them to highlight facts for easy reference and quick reviews before a test, readers need one handy to mark memorable passages and verses, essential in the office to highlight financial and other facts for future reference. Standard yellow is most popular but we carry many colors and unique shapes containing several different colors within one unit. Some of the highlighters are capped, some use the click motion closure either way is ultimately to maintain marking ability longer. This easy to distribute promotional highlighters as a tradeshow handout, conference tool, or employee essential is at our outstanding prices.

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Mark Your Brand With Highlighters

A promotional highlighter is a special kind of pen, that uses a specific style of ink. The main purpose of a highlighter is so the user can pick out a specific area of text in a book and use the translucent ink to mark it with. The highlighter pen’s ink is made of a special blend that look fluorescent and they are usually yellow, green or pink. The bright colors can help the text to stand out, so that when the reader turns the page, the promotional highlighter pen has marked, very clearly and visibly, that part which is to be noted.

Locate Vital Data or An Inspiring Passage With An Imprinted Promotional Highlighter

Highlighter pens actually date back further than many people might first think. The first type of highlighter pen was actually introduced by the Carter’s Ink Company in 1963, under a trademarked name of the ‘Hi-Liter’. In 1975 the Avery Dennison Corporation purchased the small company and now they own the brand. Since those early days, many other highlighter pens have hit the market, via various different pen producing companies. The color range has also increase, from a basic yellow to yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue and green. The styles vary, as do the styles of the nibs. Many  promotional highlighters have a square shaped nib that makes it easy to simply run along the line of text and get an accurate straight line without deviating into another line of text. Others have pointed nibs and some have triangle nibs.

While most promotional highlighter pens are made using ‘wet’ ink, there are also a few available that use what is known as ‘dry ink’. The ‘dry’ ink is much like thin tape, akin to that which is used for correcting mistakes, and it has no drying time, but is simply applied across the text to make a translucent streak of thin colored tape. This prevents smudging and seepage through if the paper is particularly thin. Many wet highlighter pens have the propensity to seep through thinner paper, leaving a mark on the underside, and leaving unwanted highlighter marks on the reverse side text. In cases where a user doesn’t want seepage, they can apply a ‘dry’ ink highlighter instead.

An Inexpensive Trade Show Imprinted Promotional Highlighter Winner

Highlighters are particularly commonly used among students, at colleges, schools and universities, as well as by teachers, lecturers and professors. The pens have become a popular form of media for highlighting certain parts of a text book or poetry book, as well as popular among businesses for use in meetings. It is not unheard of for a business person to highlight certain points of a meeting to note down as a question in point for later.

This also makes the promotional highlighter pen a perfect marketing giveaway. So many companies use their own logo on the side of a highlighter pen, that they then give away to the attendees of the meetings. If you are looking to purchase promotional highlighter pens at the lowest market prices, contact us.