Custom Leatherman Tools

Custom Leatherman Tools

These handy pocket sized tools have all the features you need to get a project done, at a fraction of the cost of individual pieces. We have tool designs with so many different useful functions and they in many cases are all packed into one pocket sized multi tool.  The many designs include different combinations to interact with your audience and your budget.  We have spectacular units with handy, outside accessible blades meaning you can open the knife with just one hand. It closes down to 4″ for easy storage in pocket or tool box, or glove compartment.  The custom Leatherman Tools are stainless steel with a selection of possible features that may include: 420HC serrated knife, medium and small screwdriver, 420HC knife, bottle opener, can opener, phillips screwdriver, ruler, saw, spring-action needlenose pliers, spring action regular pliers, spring action wire cutters and wire stripper, and a wood/metal File.

Have you noticed recent advertisements regarding preparedness? Everywhere you look there is a message about self sufficiency and self reliance.  Men and women world wide are striving to be more personally prepared in case of an emergency situation, a growing mind set that your business can use to realize greater market exposure.  Custom Leatherman Tools, a high quality item with a stellar craftsman construction reputation is an ideal choice for any company wishing to impress clients, customers, and employees with a superior item at an affordable cost. The custom Leatherman Tools were invented in 1975 to be versatile, reliable and designed to easily fit in a pocket purse or tool box, but sturdy enough to be dependably functional for their intended uses. What began as a small company founded by a frustrated man who didn’t have the proper equipment to complete tasks turned Leatherman Tools into a huge and thriving business with a variety of multi tools now found in millions of pockets and purses around the world. Perhaps you are worried that such an exceptional tool is more extravagant than you intended and will break your budget. Stop worrying and let’s start shopping! See for yourself the variety of Leatherman Tools like the custom Leatherman Tools selections that we will engrave with your company name or logo. With so many different styles, there is sure to be one that will meet your company or organizations needs and budget.

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Custom Leatherman Tools

Our custom Leatherman Tools include up to 21 tools that are all easily folded away inside the handle, and yet this product can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. The different tools are designed with individual tool configurations and features that can include files, saws, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and scissors, depending on the tool option you choose. We even have one that can be attached to your key ring. What a relief it is knowing exactly where that screwdriver is when you need it  whether at home or away.

Custom Leatherman Tools Are Perfect Handouts

Custom Leatherman Tools are the perfect tool for office workers, outdoors men and women, college students, and survivalists, anyone that needs a variety of tools from time to time and doesn’t have a whole workshop to store them in. Having a huge toolbox filled with up to 21 heavy tools is not necessarily an option, our custom Leatherman Tools replace that bulky toolbox with a multi tool containing so many convenient tools stored in the handle, your client will easily find just what they need when a project comes up while at home or on the go.

Custom Leatherman Tools Are Top Notch Quality

Consider donating some of your custom Leatherman Tools to a benefit organization or a local community group for prizes or handouts to get them spread throughout the community.  Perhaps you would choose to offer these exceptional tools as an employee incentive or gift them to clients, vendors, or customers on holidays. No matter how you choose to distribute them, they will remind your clients, vendors and customers that you value quality and their business.


Your employees, clients and vendors are always anxious to have a multi tool to be more self sufficient and prepared for any emergency. Why not lend a hand and give them a useful gift or promotional item that will help them do just that? Order your custom Leatherman Tools today and give a gift that will be used by an appreciative consumer who will often be reminded of your generosity!


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