Custom Micra Leatherman Tools

Custom Micra Leatherman Tools

Browse our many styles and colors of custom micra Leatherman Tools for a superior tool for your audience of customers, clients, potential clients and employees.  It is important to choose the one just right for your giveaway audience so it will be often used to keep you and your company readily in their memory. The imprinted custom micra Leatherman Tools are a super promotional gifting product, making an appreciated gift, and a quality useable item for your employee incentive and award programs. Purchase engraved  custom micra Leatherman Tools in bulk to pass out to your valued customers during the holidays.  They will be thoughtful gifts that will not only earn you a competitive edge, it will assure long lasting loyalty. Order this Leatherman Tool today. You won’t regret it when you see all their smiley faces.

Brand with the custom micra Leatherman Tools.  They are a most popular choice mini-tool with anglers, hobbyists and those who appreciate the top spring-action scissors. Personal care features that fit right on your key chain are just part of what makes the Leatherman Micra Pocket Tool truly unique. Ten handy tools are packed into this one tiny, lightweight tool. Perfect for a tackle box, purse, fanny pack, or sewing kit, these pocket size custom micro Leatherman Tools makes a great gift for anyone.  You will always be prepared when equipped with the awesome little custom micro Leatherman Tools that are packed with spring action scissors, flat and phillips screwdriver, ruler, nail cleaner, tweezers, bottle opener, nail file medium screwdriver and extra-small screwdriver.

Those interested in the subtle nuances of marketing understand the power of joining up with other reputable businesses by engraving their name on successful well known promotional products. By putting your name on products like the custom micra Leatherman Tool that is already well-known and has garnered years of positive attention really makes sense and will  set your company on top of the pack and show your clients and potential clients that quality, durable products are important to you and your business.

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Custom Micra Leatherman Tools

If you are in a service industry you may think promotional advertising must not apply but think again! Superior products evoke progressive feelings. Think of the frustration and disgusted you probably felt when a gifted item failed to perform or broke when first used, reflecting that ugly feeling over on the giver.  You probably lost interest in returning to them to fill future needs when loosing respect for inferior gifting choice.Let your client associate your product or service with positive thoughts like “dependable”, “quality”, and “trustworthy” by sticking with the tried and true promotional Leatherman Micra Pocket Tool for a very important and useful quality gift.

Custom Micra Leatherman Tools Born In Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon is the proud home of Leatherman Tools since 1975 when Mr. Leatherman created a “boy scout knife with pliers.”  By 1993, Leatherman Tools was selling over a million tools a year. People continue to purchase these tools in huge numbers due to their high quality and affordable pricing. Additionally, the factory repairs and offers replacements when something happens to any of the individual tools. Purchasing such a unique and quality item for your clients or employees sends a message of your concern for dealing only with quality products which reflects on you and how you do business.

Leatherman tools are built to last for years; consequently, your promotional tools will promote your engraved company name on the superior gifts and will billboard your engraving for decades.  We are eager to hear from you and can get your custom micra Leatherman Tool order rolling.