Custom Printed Leatherman Tools

Custom Printed Leatherman Tools

You will be proud to gift your laser engraved brand on premium classic custom printed Leatherman Tools.  We also have exciting survival sets and engraved Leatherman Tools gift sets. We have other sensational gift sets that couple Leatherman Tools with the popular and handy MagLite, other sets include scissors, hammer or screwdriver combos attractively gift packaged for impressive and easy distribution. The custom Printed Leatherman Tools make excellent achievement awards, length of service awards, a safety award or for gifting special clients or employees that will reward you with extra long lasting advertising to the special recipients. Our prices include state of the art laser engraving and if you check around you will confirm that our prices on the Leatherman Tools and the combination gift sets are the best.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call and we will find it for you. When price is of the essence, we are your answer.

Our selection of handy pocket sized tools contain the features needed to get a project done and certainly at a fraction of the cost of all the individual tools. We have tool designs with so many different useful functions all packed into one multi tool.  How handy can that be!  The many designs include different combinations to interact with your audience and your budget.  We have spectacular units with handy, outside accessible blades meaning you can open the knife with just one hand.  Our several selections when closed are from 3” for the micra sizes up to four and five inches for the full size units allowing them to be comfortably transported in pocket, purse, tool box, hooked to a belt loop or even a tool belt.  Custom printed Leatherman Tools are stainless steel and some in colors, with a selection of possible features that may include: 420HC serrated knife; small, medium and phillips screwdrivers; 420HC knife; bottle opener; can opener; ruler; saw; spring action needlenose pliers; spring action regular pliers; spring action wire cutters and wire stripper; and a wood/metal file.  How convenient and helpful would receiving a gift of this quality and capability be, so handy and always a fantastic memory of your generosity.  Custom printed Leatherman Tools will wow your recipients.

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Custom Printed Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Tools was founded by Mr. Leatherman back in 1975 when after a trip abroad, he was frustrated due to a lack of having necessary equipment to make little repairs when issues came up.  It got him thinking and ultimately designing a portable tool set that has positively improved the lives of millions over the last forty years.

Custom Printed Leatherman Tools Are Convenient

So for decades custom printed Leatherman Tools have become the go to device for those looking for convenient tools, easy to store away and that can be kept in a backpack or a pocket. Our collection of Leatherman Tools come equipped with as many as 21 tools which all conveniently store away inside the handle of the custom printed Leatherman Tools.  The individual tools are all functional and stand up to just about any project you throw its way.  Leatherman Tools stands behind their product in repairing or replacing any failed or broken increments (we even have options available that are covered by Leatherman’s 25-year warranty).   Some of those tools include varyious bottle openers, scissors, wire cutters, pliers, saws and other blades and multiple screwdrivers.

Custom Printed Leatherman Tools Come In Many Styles

Leatherman’s come in a variety of different sizes, designs and prices to fit application requirements and budgets. A design that many have said works especially well for them is the lanyard ring which is designed right in the handle of several options. Pairing it with our custom lace lanyards makes a strong promotional punch, or even use them with the retractable badge holder options to keep your custom printed Leatherman Tools always clipped to your tool belt and always close at hand.  We’re dealing with fantastic products that will really make a huge impression on your vendors, clients and employees alike. Plus you can rest easy knowing that if the tool can withstand 25 years of use and abuse, it will easily hold up to just about any project you have and always rewarding your generosity with exposure longevity.

Call Save On Promotional Products, we are eager to hear from you and quote surprising pricing on our custom printed Leatherman Tools.