Custom Printed Micra Leatherman Tools

Custom Printed Micra Leatherman Tools

The custom printed micra Leatherman Tools are our most popular mini-tool with fishermen and women, crafting hobbiests, and those who appreciate the best little spring action scissors I have seen.  Personal care features like 420HC knife spring action scissors, flat/phillips screwdriver, ruler (4.7 in | 12.0 cm) nail cleaner, tweezers, bottle opener, nail file medium screwdriver and extra small screwdriver that hook right on to your key chain are just part of what makes the custom printed micra Leatherman Tools truly unique. Ten useful tools are confined in these tiny, lightweight Leatherman items. Perfect for a tackle box, pocket, purse, fanny pack, or sewing kit, the custom printed micra Leatherman Tools makes a great gift.

Check out our various styles and colors of custom printed micra Leatherman Tools and find the perfect one just right to meet your company needs and excite your recipients. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, take a look at the custom printed micra Leatherman Tools.   If your are having difficulty making the final decision, give our talented customer service representatives a call.   They will be glad to help you find the ideal item to fill your company requirements.  Our colored micra tools come in stainless, to black, blue, gray, green and red.  They are 2-1/2” long when closed, weigh only 1.8 oz., with a 1.6” blade length.  The imprint area is 3/16”H x 1-1/2”L across the bottom or 1/4”H x 5/8”L on either side.  This versatile micra tool has a tiny screwdriver to tighten eyeglass screws. Your clients, employees, and associates will all appreciate owning a tool that saves them a trip to the optical center.

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Custom Printed Micra Leatherman Tools

Our very vocal customers are quite clear regarding giveaway items their customers appreciate the most and which gain the greatest customer loyalty.  Even though gifts and giveaways are a vehicle to impress clients with quality and durability, and be sure their advertising dollars promote items that are often used and will last for years, they also wish to keep within their advertising budget. You needn’t worry when purchasing custom printed micra Leatherman Tools!  They offer exceptional quality and are loved by recipients worldwide and priced to be winners.

Custom Printed Micra Leatherman Tools Originated in 1975

Custom printed micra Leatherman Tools were originated over forty years ago in1975 and are a proudly “made in America” item which equates to stimulating customer goodwill.    Another exciting fact, importantly the tools will be repaired or replaced if any one of their 21 individual tools should ever break or not function normally. Some models offer many of these tools. There are knives, saws, scissors, files, pliers, bottle openers, and screwdrivers, just to mention a few. In the Portland, Oregon factory, employees turn out more than 17,000 of these incredible tools every week.

Additionally, you needn’t worry that such a valued item will break your budget. We have a variety of price points in the Leatherman Tools categpry that will ensure you find exactly the custom printed micra Leatherman Tools to catch your eye and excite your clients as well.

Custom Printed Micra Leatherman Tools Engraved


Don’t forget to purchase a few extra custom printed micra Leatherman Tools when placing your order. They are terrific raffle prizes, or add to gift baskets, or they are great fund raisers. Remember to add enough to your purchase order for that corporate retreat, sales meeting, or marketing get together. Giving a gift with your engraved identity combined on a trusted and renowned manufacturers name reflects back on your company in an important and positive way. Gifting employees with a quality custom printed micra Leatherman Tools lets them know they are appreciated and strengthens their company loyalty. Winners of raffle items and recipients of gift baskets that include your personalized custom printed micra Leatherman Tools will marvel to their family, friends and co workers about the valuable gift they received. As a fund raiser, tools are always a popular way to earn money for your favorite charity. Donate a few and watch the bidding grow on your custom printed micra Leatherman Tools because they know it’s an item they can rely on and you are reaching another potential customer.

Our customers say they have continually gotten a warm response from their gift or handout recipients when those gifts are Leatherman Tools. Order yours today. The custom printed micra Leatherman Tools are the gift item that will never go out of style and will always be appreciated.