Personalized Leatherman Tools

Personalized Leatherman Tools

Proudly gift your laser engraved brand on one of our many premium classic personalized Leatherman Tools.  We also have exciting survival sets and popular Promotional Leatherman Tools gift sets. We have fantastic sets that couple a Leatherman Tool selection with a popular and handy MagLite, a scissor/screwdriver or a hammer/screwdriver attractively prepackaged for easy gift giving. An excellent achievement or incentive award, a safety award or for gifting special clients or employees that will keep benefit you with extra long lasting advertising to the special recipients. Save on Promotional Products always has the best prices available.    We urge you to shop around and see for yourself that our excellent quality Leatherman Tools or Tool Combination Sets can’t be beat in quality and price. Our prices include state of the art laser engraving so you will be handing out the perfect giveaway. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call and we will find it for you. If price is of the essence, we are your answer. Call today to place your order personalized Leatherman Tool gifts.

The handy promotion personalized Leatherman Tools are a unique clip on multi tool with many different configurations spring-action scissors, a file, 420HC knife, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver, you will always be prepared with your most necessary tools. They fit in a pocket or you can use the carabineer clip to hook onto your pack or bag for easy portability. They are 3″ when closed.  The laser engraving is done on the blade.

Promotional personalized Leatherman Tools are what the marketing gurus tell us are a determining factor contributing to the success of their marketing campaigns.  Their desirable attributes give them a competitive edge in the business world, and creates a bond of customer loyalty with their clients, no matter what their occupation or station in life?

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Personalized Leatherman Tools

Offering their clients and employees a high quality item like personalized  Leatherman Tools with its solid reputation of dependable quality is the key. After listening to those marketing experts we are still doing business with them after all these years. What do they continue to order from us, of course,  its the Promotional Personalized Leatherman Tools!

Portland, Oregon is proud to have been the home of promotional personalized Leatherman Tools since 1975 when Mr. Leatherman created a “boy scout knife with pliers.” Some of the tools have  a butterfly style foldaway design including up to 21 individual tools hidden in the handle. The tools available include screwdrivers, can openers, wire cutters, pliers, knives, saws, and scissors. We have Leatherman Tools that even include a diamond file that actually works on metal.Guys and Gals all get pleasure when receiving such a thoughtful special gift . See our main site at Save on Promotional Products where you can see the extent of our personalized Leatherman Tool selection.

Personalized Leatherman Tools Bring Loyalty

Choosing such a unique  and important item for your clients or employees tells them you care them and their future relationship with you which will promote customer loyalty for many years. These tools are built to last; consequently, your promotional personalized Leatherman Tools will promote your company name for decades. Whether your client needs to tighten a screw, file off a burr, or open a can while lounging pn their boat, your beautifully engraved brand will catch their eye fostering a feeling of goodwill.

Call today and we get a quote promotional personalized Leatherman Tools.  You will be glad you did, our pricing will surprise you.