Printed Leatherman Tools

Printed Leatherman Tools

Printed Leatherman Tools are a sensational promotional product to giveaway by any company wanting to wow their clients, potential consumers and employees. The promotional printed Leatherman Tools result from Mr. Leathrman’s overseas travels where his frustrations over a need to correct issues without the necessary tools. Back in the early seventies when he got back from a frustrating European vacation, he started thinking there has to be a way to be prepared for such incidents.  His ideas developed into first a Boy Scout knife with pliers.  From there he moved on to positively improving the live of millions.  He founded Leatherman Tools in 1975, which quickly became popular with its multi tools and now is the world famous source of multi tools that have rocked the promotional products industry.  Printed Leatherman Tools gifted and used a handouts are a sought after trade show item, bringing crowds flocking to your booth and everyone of them possible clients.

You can proudly to gift your laser engraved brand on premium classic made in America printed Leatherman Tools.  We have exciting engraved survival sets and printed Leatherman Tools gift sets. We have other outstanding and highly sought after gift sets that couple Leatherman Tools with the popular MagLite flashlight, and several other sets which include scissors, hammer or screwdriver combos all attractively gift packaged for impressive and easy distribution. The custom printed Leatherman Tools make excellent achievement, length of service and safety awards, for gifting special clients or employees.  In return you will be favored with extra long lasting advertising that your special recipients will see over and over during the lengthy life of this quality constructed tool. Our prices include meticulous laser engraving and when checking around you will see our prices for Leatherman Tools (and all promotional products) and our combination gift sets are the best.

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Printed Leatherman Tools

Save On Promotional Products has printed Leatherman Tools designed and intended to enhance lives in their own special way. Each contains a variety of everyday useful tool components hidden inside the tool handles. Some include scissors, blades, wire cutters, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, standard pliers, metal files, and bottle and can openers to name a few, there can be as many as 21 useful tools available in some of the larger tool designs.  Because pocket sized laser imprinted Leatherman Tools have such diverse applications they will be sought after and used frequently by all.  Safety is of prime importance and there is a design feature that securely stabilizes the specific component being used to avoid slippage.

Printed Leatherman Tools Are Lightweight

Component tools stored within compact pocket sized printed Leatherman Tools are lightweight, easily carried on a daily basis and are prepared to meet any necessary task that comes along. Store one in your car or emergency tool kit to be sure you are prepared for whatever.  Be assured your gift of a printed Leatherman Tool will always bring a smile to all receivers. Your name laser printed along side the mega brand Leatherman Tools will be a quality connection clients and potential clients will notice and will resonate in their memory.

Brand Your Company name With Printed Leatherman Tools

Printed Leatherman Tools used to expose your identity will entice your audience with their quality and usability.  Their longevity prolongs their duration of advertising, they will be a constant and positive reminder of you and your company, and they are budget friendly. If you’re not seeing exactly what you have in mind, give us a call, let us know in detail what you would like and we will find it for you. When price is of the essence, we are your answer.  Call us today and we will get your order for printed Leatherman Tools started today.