Promotional Leatherman Tools

Promotional Leatherman Tools

Promotional Leatherman Tools are fantastic giveaway items for the company that wants to wow their audience of clients, customers, prospectives and employees. The promotional Leatherman Tools are a result of  Mr. Leathrman’s ovrseas travels that left him frustrated when he didn’t have the tools necessary to tackle the issues that plagued the trip.  He designed a portable multi tool set that has since resulted in positively improving the lives of millions and the rest is history.


For over four decades Leatherman Tools have been the go to device for those looking for convenient tools, easy to store and transport in a backpack, a pocket or purse without weighing down the user.  Portland, Oregon is the proud founding home of Leatherman Tools since 1975 when Mr. Leatherman originally created the now well known Leatherman Tools.   Within twenty years Leatherman Tools was selling over a million tools a year. People continue to purchase huge numbers of these affordable high quality multiple uses tools.  An added benefit, the Leatherman factory repairs or replaces damaged or broken tools to back up their quality construction.  When gifting such a unique and quality item to your clients or employees sends the message of your concern for dealing only with quality products and sends a strong message about you and how you do business.


Our options come equipped with up to 21 tools conveniently housed inside the handle of the Promotional Leatherman Tools itself. They are all functional and stand up to just about any project that comes there way. Our promotional Leatherman Tools include varying types of bottle openers, scissors, wire cutters, pliers, saws and other blades as well as multiple types of screwdrivers, to name a few.

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Promotional Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Tools come in a variety of different sizes, designs and prices to fit your various needs. A design that many have vocalized works well for them is the lanyard ring designed right in the handle of many of the options. You can pair that with our custom lanyards for a strong promotional punch, or even use them with retractable badge holder options to keep your promotional Leatherman Tools clipped on your tool belt where it’s always at your fingertips.

Promotional Leatherman Tools 25 Year Warranty

If you are looking for a little extra protection for your already incredibly rugged tool, we have options available covered by Leatherman’s 25-year warranty. These items are so well built that Leatherman has no problem with guaranting  them for 25 years! We’re dealing with fantastic products that will really make a huge impression on your audience of recipients. Plus you can rest easy knowing that if the tool can withstand 25 years of use and abuse, it really will hold up to just about any project you have for it.

Branding With Promotional Leatherman Tools

Adding your name to a brand that has been around for decades and has already made a positive reputation for itself is a no brainer.  By pairing up with Leatherman Tools all of your clients will know that the same characteristics that are the foundation of the Leatherman Tools business are the same characteristics that you believe in and they can expect from you. This makes a huge statement and requires little to no work! The only thing you will have to worry about is ordering more of your promotional Leatherman Tools because once your clients get word that you have been handing them out, you better believe they will come flocking to your door for theirs. Promotional Leatherman Tools really help promote your business in a special way and have proven to be a staple in the promotional product world.


Take a moment to browse our extensive selection of Leatherman Tools and see which options best fit your needs.  Save On Promotional Products has fantastic price offerings on all promotional Leatherman Tools and we have other quality options that may be of interest to you.