Wholesale Leatherman Tools

Wholesale Leatherman Tools

The handy wholesale Leatherman Tools are unique, and they are travel-friendly, multi-tools. With spring-action pliers, a file, scissors, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver, you’ll never be without essential tools; not even when you travel! This popular and useful tool fits in a pocket or clips on your pack or bag for easy portability. So stylish it’s a shame to hide it inside a pocket.

During these tough economic times, companies are looking for interesting ways to bring more clients and customers through the doors. Choosing wholesale Leatherman Tools as a gift or reward for a purchase will bring potential customers in and will have the community buzzing about your store and your campaign.  Wholesale Leatherman Tools equate to quality gifts that will enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of recipients and be used for many years enhancing their lives through many different incidents and tasks.

As a business owner, nothing feels greater than seeing your logo on a promotional item, except perhaps seeing your brand or logo on a well respected item like wholesale Leatherman Tools and ultimately in the hands of thousands. The average consumer knows and has grown to trust Leatherman as a multi tool industry leader. Therefore, by seeing your company logo on these dynamic wholesale Leatherman Tools gifts, they will spontaniously visualize your company as being a quality, dependably trustworthy oganization. That is a great awareness!

Many companies strongly focus on stimulating the economy by buying all-American products. Be assured wholesale Leatherman Tools are manufactured in a Portland, Oregon, USA based organization.   Even though Leatherman is now a world renowned company, they continue to be based in the United States. So you can feel comfortable knowing that not only will your logo shine on an all-American produced multi tool, you will also be helping out our job market and the economy.

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Wholesale Leatherman Tools

It is proven people trust brands they are most familiar with. This familiarity comes through continual visibility and recognition. The easiest ways to achieve vital visibility is with promotional products that are useful and long lasting. Wholesale Leatherman Tools fit that criteria to a T!  With up to 21 useful tools rolled into the low-profile handles, you are guaranteed your clients will be reaching for their wholesale Leatherman Tools and will see your engraved logo with each and every use. Whether the tool that is needed for a particular task is a blade, can opener, screwdriver or pliers, time and time again your engraved brand will get seen repeatedly.

Wholesale Leatherman Tools Are Light Weight

A great feature of wholesale Leatherman Tools is their ability to easily fold up into a lightweight, compact design. Their pocket-size can be easily transported in your pocket, backpack or tote bag hardly noticing any extra weight. They also easily hook on your tool or utility belt. There are even Leathermans that fit on a keychain. This means you can take them anywhere you need to go without stress or concern. You can always be sure no matter what task comes your way, you will be prepared with the wholesale Leatherman Tools.  Clients will thank you over and over again for the useful gift and your bank account will appreciate the Save On Promotional Products pricing.

You Can Buy Wholesale Leatherman Tools

All of our promotional products are build with staying power so check out our huge selection of items designed to excite and catch the eye of recipients.  Our wholesale Leatherman Tools are certain crowd pleasers.