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Promotional Luggage Tags

Choose  imprinted unique promotional luggage tags  in various shapes with colorful graphics or logo for easy recognition at the carousel.   When you take a look at the numbers of travelers taking to the sky it is easy to see why the simple but eye catching luggage tag is such a valued trade show or convention giveaway.   They not only mark your bag but are great brand name exposure.  They will be loved by your frequent flier clients and employees and also by the lesser traveled vacationers, occasional convention attendee or on a Vegas weekend—also used by mobile travelers whose bags are often handled by bellhops. Choose a handsome, quality leather or manmade specialty shape and add your colorful graphic or logo for easy and positive identification. Our promotional luggage tags also makes an important  mass mailer advertising candidate. Our pricing is a budget friendly WOW. Check our 24-Hour Category if timing is critical.

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Luggage Tags Are An Awesome Travel Item

We have literally millions of promotional products available that are all designed to help market your business while helping you and your clients in the meantime. Take for instance our selection of imprinted promotional luggage tags. They address a particular need which is to mark your bag, but they also help market your business as well. Promotional luggage tags are a must have for all businessmen and women, and they are also necessary for those taking a trip in their off time. Check out our selection of promotional luggage tags to choose an option that is right for you.

Inexpensive Promotional Luggage Tags Make Useful Trade Show Handouts

Did you know that according to the U.S. Travel Association, travelling for business inside the United States makes up for $246 billion and is responsible for creating 2.3 million jobs stateside? Nearly half of those statistics are due to meetings and events that an employee or business owner must attend. How about this statistic: One in five adults that live in the United States say that they have to take a business trip within the next six months. Interestingly, those statistics don’t change much year after year.  Sounds like promotional luggage tags would fit that audience well!

Promotional Luggage Tags Make A Statement Everywhere They Go

What does all of this mean for you as a business owner or the manager of a marketing department? It means that there are endless opportunities to market your business using personalized luggage tags. The tags are designed to attach to your luggage and contain an area for all of your personal or company information should the luggage accidentally get lost in transit. That way your belongings can be easily routed back to you once they are found. We have simple custom promotional luggage tags that are available and perfect for the business traveler as they have your imprint on one side and then a space for your business card on the opposite side. The options are laminated or contain a plastic pouch so you won’t have to worry about the weather affecting or destroying your information.

So Many Travelers, So Many Bags All Needing Easily Identifiable Promotional Luggage Tags

Because travellers often have multiple bags when they go on trips, you will likely need multiple personalized promotional luggage tags for each client and employee. There is no need to fret about the cost though as they come with very affordable price tags. There is certainly a design out there that will interest any sensibility and any budget. The designs range from simple, as described above, to more intricate options. For example, we have a faux leather for a professional look, as well as brightly colored tags to help you spot your luggage easily in a sea of like sized and designed bags all whirling around a baggage carousel. We also have vinyl tags that securely loop around your luggage and cannot be easily tampered with. Whichever option you choose, you can rest easily knowing  your bags will be accounted for no matter what happens.

Don’t overlook the little details when it comes to marketing your business. Custom promotional luggage tags may not be something you use on a daily basis, but they help market your business in ways that other items cannot!