Custom 4D Maglites

Custom 4D Maglites

Custom 4D Maglites flashlight embodies a perfect balance of refined optics, power, durability and quality. Each of these flashlights include two high intensity White Star Krypton Gas Lamps for even greater brilliance and extended range. The high-intensity light beam adjusts from spotlight to floodlight.  The rugged, machined aluminum construction has a knurled design.  It is  anodized inside and out to resist corrosion and its water and shock resistant.  A spare lamp is safely secured inside the tail cap.

 Custom 4D Maglites are endless. Think about the last time you needed a light and the comfort that it brought when you found one. Even if it’s not an emergency situation, light is still needed to complete the task. so bring on these.   That feeling of relief is enveloping and generally the same each time a dependable Maglite illuminates your way.  Your loyal recipients will possess those same characteristic feelings applied toward your company when they have a need to use your gifted promotional Custom 4D Maglites.   People judge a business whether positively and negatively from the products they manufacture as well as the products they choose to associate with their brand.

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Custom 4D Maglites

Speaking about custom 4D Maglites.  Inferior products and service reflect severely on a company that is satisfied producing cheap and throwaway type products pinpointing the importance of building your image by gifting only superior products you would be glad to receive and use yourself.  Once your clients associate your name with quality your value as a supplier grows.

Custom 4D Maglites A Very Reputable

Maglite is a highly reputable player sure to build the desired image so important for a successful promotional product.  That’s the power of advertising promotional product and substantiates our belief that it is of the utmost important to handpick first class items to impress your clientele and that are of an unmatched quality to be useful for years to come. Your advertising power never stops and with each use you become more and more visible to those around you.  You will find Custom 4D Maglites to be a trusted image building dynamic promotional product to associate with your logo combined with the powerful Maglite reputation.

These Custom 4D Maglites Are Fantastic Giveaways

We have a number of fantastic Custom 4D Maglites and other sizes and shapes available to meet different needs and applications. Our flashing lights are excellent giveaway gifts for safety seminars or are often given to clients or employees who are out in the public a lot with a need to draw attention to their presence. The flashing lights are a safety feature  especially perfect for use on a personal basis as well. Many people love clipping them to their clothing when taking a nightly walk or attaching them to their backpacks when they go for a bike ride in the dark. They are equipped with LED lights that flash and to constantly alert drivers and other pedestrians of where you are. For added pet safety, clip a flashing light on to your animals collar as well to alert others of their presence. Don’t miss out on these fantastic ways for you and your pets to stay safe and promote a positive peace of mind at the same time.

Custom 4D Maglites Have Great Power

We also have a number of self powered flashlights available that have become a new trend for those who don’t want to worry about rotating their safety supplies or emergency kits to keep battery powered lights functioning. Some battery free flashlights are shake and crank lights while others hand powered flashlights are charged with each squeeze of the handle.  Our options vary because we know that one size does not fit all. The uses and ranges of each differently powered light vary but all are perfectly designed for specific power requirement applications and situations where battery life is a factor and in those cases the self powered flashlights will enhance your life.   It’s a great choice to promote your name with creative options.

Let us brighten up your day with our imprinted custom 4D Maglites. Your custom logo combined with our custom 4D Maglites will create a unique product your clients will be honored to have and use for years to come.