Custom Maglite Flashlights

Custom Maglite Flashlights

Custom Maglite Flashlights so when we use a flashlight we tend to not think too much about its history for instance take custom Maglite Flashlights.  David Misell, an English inventor, is credited with obtaining the first patent, using ‘D’ batteries laid end to end inside a thick paper tube. The light bulb had a brass reflector at its end and Misell’s company, ‘The American Electrical and Novelty Manufacturing Company’ handed them out to the Police department in New York City for a trial run. The police responded very positively toward the hand held devices and they became widely used around the state. This early version of a flashlight ran on batteries made from zinc-carbon but they had a very short running time before they needed to ‘rest’ for a while. The name ‘flashlight’ was actually coined as a result of this resting period because they could only be used for a short flash of time and we have coined laser engraving as custom Maglite flashlights.

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Custom Maglite Flashlights

Around 1906 the tungsten filament bulb, along with more technologically advanced batteries improving longevity which proved positive for the sales of flashlights.  They also replaced the old ‘hurricane lamps’ that were previously used because they were non combustible and far safer. By 1922 there were many more styles of custom Maglite flashlights available to the market, including reflector search lights and hand held flashlights. At this time there were around ten million users of flashlights within the United States alone.

Custom Maglite Flashlights With Bright White LED Technology

Further improvement in the technology of flashlights around 1999 resulted in the invention of the Light Emitting Diode—LED—bulb, which produced much more power and a whiter light that made flashlights even more useful. The longer battery life of an LED flashlight makes them more efficient and made it possible to create even smaller versions of a flashlight, including key chain sized. Many car manufacturers began incorporation a small Mini Maglite LED 2 Cell AAA Gray P32092 into their car key chains so that people could see their doors locks in unlit areas at night.

Promote With Custom Maglite Flashlights

Other key chain manufacturers began to emulate the key chain flashlight and now they are extremely common. Furthermore, with technology moving forward even more, it became possible for companies to turn small items such as pens into flashlights. The ‘penlight’ became a nifty little giveaway item that companies used to promote themselves. They would inscribe their company logo or slogan on the side of the penlight and hand them out as free gifts at trade shows, exhibitions and job fairs to customers and visitors to their stands. It helped to promote the name of the company as well as putting the ‘penlights’ out there for people to see and enjoy.

Custom Maglite Flashlights With Laser Engraving

If you own a company or are in charge of marketing and promotion you can utilize custom Maglite flashlights in many aspects. For instance, you can use key chain style flashlights as a free gift for your new customers or signees, or you can use an LED head lamp, which has an elastic strap for the head.

Custom Maglite Flashlights For Branding

Consider custom Maglite flashlights prepackaged with batteries and a clip for an exciting customized gift or campaign highlight.  It punctuates your thoughtfulness in their safety and ability to have readily available light to brighten their path or help find the key slot, and oh so many daily incidents.  Connecting your name with a well recognized and respected Maglite puts you in good company,  a factor that will not be missed by your clients, potential clients, employees and friends.  The Maglite carries a guarantee to substantiate their quality and long life.  Custom Maglite flashlights promotional campaign is sure to have an impressive ROI.

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