Custom Maglites

Custom Maglites

Custom Maglites have become an iconic name in flashlights and are one of the top promotional gifts. The flashlight is generally known as an electronic source of portable light that can be carried around for use in very dark places. In England, a flashlight is called a torch, which is just a colloquialism and should not be confused with the fire source of light normally associated with the torch in the American term. When the dry cell battery was invented around 1899 it allowed for inventors to also create a whole host of new products that could be portable and the custom flashlight was the first thing that was mass produced. Until then, miners and all underground workers had to rely on naked flames to see in the dark and this was a particularly dangerous action when coal faces could explode at moment’s notice. Custom Maglites allowed for miners to wear lights on their helmets so they could not only see to work but also feel far safer than they ever had before.

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Custom Maglites

Some styles of custom Maglites  such as the Mini Maglite LED 2 Cell AA are Easy To Use, Powerful Projecting LED Beam, 4 Selectable Modes High Power Low Power 25 per cent Blink Mode SOS The Mini Maglite LED flashlight delivers performance oriented features in a sleek compact design. This advanced lighting instrument is driven by the next generation of MAG LED technology. The Multi-Mode Electronic switch offers two different power settings a maximum-power setting that yields maximum brightness and a 25 per cent power setting to conserve battery power for reading at night, or for a prolonged emergency.

Custom Maglites Can Build Your Brand

Camping was also dangerous because the camp fire could easily have got out of control and cause bush fires, forest fires and all manner of other dangers to the general public. Flashlights are handy for so many reasons these days. Prior the days when everyone had electricity, we tended to rely more on gaslight, candles and lamps but now, when we have a power outage we runs straight for the custom Maglites rather than the candles.

Custom Maglites Engraved With Your Logo

We carry small versions of a custom Maglites on our key chains, in our pockets, in the glove compartment of our cars and we keep a large one in the trunk of our car just in case we break down. Flashlights are also commonly used for camping and now there are variants that do not require batteries at all, but work on solar energy or ‘shake’ flashlights which

Promote Your Company With Custom Maglites

Companies who work in industries where  flashlights play an active roll may use them as promotional gifts to new customers or for giving away as free gifts at exhibitions, trade shows or job fairs. Their versatility of our custom Maglites are useful in many situations makes them ideal as giveaways, especially when they can be added to key chains or kept in the car, basement, emergency cupboard for when the power goes out or any other suitable unforeseen circumstance. To enjoy the lowest market prices for your promotional flashlights just get in touch with us and we will give you all the information you need to make your promotion a total success. Whether you are promoting your new product, new service or just your company, we can help you find the items you need.

Can Not Go Wrong Embellishing Custom Maglites

Consider custom Maglites prepackaged with batteries and a clip for an exciting customized gift or campaign highlight. It punctuates your thoughtfulness in their safety and ability to have readily available light to brighten their path or help find the keyslot, and oh so many daily incidents. Connecting your name with a well recognized and respected Maglite puts you in good company, a factor that will not be missed by your clients, potential clients, employees and friends.

Custom Maglites carry a guarantee to substantiate their quality and long life. Take the  Mini Maglite LED 2 Cell AAA for your next  promotional campaign is sure to have an impressive ROI. work by shaking to agitate a magnet inside to generate power to a copper coil. This increases the choice in types of flashlights available and it also gives companies who use flashlights as promotional tools, more options. With the introduction of LED bulbs a further option was available and people now buy more flashlights than ever.  Our custom Maglites are both useful and often used with longevity to last a life time and economically a promotional bargain add up to a very successful marketing campaign.  Whether for a large crowd event, special clients, possible potential customers or employee gifts or awards can use our custom Maglites for a sure winner.