Custom Mini Maglites

Custom Mini Maglites

Custom Mini Maglites Flashlights, a dynamic promotional breakthrough and an unmatched promotional product like no other.  It has earmarks of the perfect customized handout with a high quality Custom Mini Maglites Flashlight manufactured by the renowned Maglite whose dependable reputation is well established and recognized worldwide.  The mini Maglite is constructed with the highly desirable LED technology which provides a brighter and whiter light, it’s  frequent use goes on forever, and Save On Promotional Products has it priced to accommodate large orders for large promotional events.   The Custom Mini Maglites are prepackaged for easier distribution and perfect for gift giving.  The mini lights are loved and appreciateed by guys and gals of all ages and are a product that will draw crowds of clients and potential clients to your big event booth.

Today, while driving east on I-78 in Bethel, PA, I got a glimpse out of corner of my eye at what looked possibly like a large Maglite laying on the side of the highway. Reminded of some of the stories I’d heard, curiosity kicked in and I turned around, pulled over and checked it out.

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Custom Mini Maglites

There on the side of the highway, heavily traveled by trucks, was the Maglite I though I had seen. Severely banged up looked like it took a bad hit falling from a fast moving vehicle and it had been bouncing around for quite awhile. Would you believe, I hit the power button and sure enough, it lit up the extremely bright incandescent beam, still working after falling and laying along side the road for how long?

Custom Mini Maglites Story

Another unbelievable Maglite story came my way via an old friend.  I am the owner of two red AA incandescent mini-Mags, one is kept in my tool box, the other was usually close at hand, however, at one point, one fell out of a pocket into my friends dirt driveway. It was months later until I realized where it was, and at that point, an entire Pennsylvania winter had taken its toll, the driveway was mostly mud, but we were able  to find it, and believe it or not, it still worked.

Examples Of Great Stories Of Custom Mini Maglites

At a temporary job site I found a pile of tools scattered on a workbench from someone who quit and moved on. What was found there was a beat up blue AA mini-Mag. It had been robbed of its batteries and bulbs, so I got a new pack of bulbs and a new set of batteries, and WaLaa, it too still works. To test its endurance, I have taken that blue one into a lake while swimming (my 8-year old niece LOVES flashlights) and it didn’t get a drop of water inside. Its not too often you find good products, reliable standbys, and manufacturers that stand by their products. Maglite’s reputation speaks well for itself. You just cant go wrong with choosing Maglite Flashlights.

Since 1979 Custom Mini Maglites Own The Flashlight World

This Maglite 5D has been in service since 1979, yes since 1979. My uncle acquired this flashlight when he was with the Wyoming highway patrol in 1979 when the flashlights (kel-lite) they had been using stopped being manufactured. This mag was used for 34 years by my uncle so it has  scratches, scrapes and dings from years of use and abuse on the highway patrol. My uncle sent this light to me recently as it had been  forgotten about for years. I threw new batteries in and fired it right up. I still have in service Maglites I have had since I started back in 1989 but they have no where near the abuse my uncle’s flashlight has lived through. It will be displayed as a testament to what a Maglite can live through. Thanks Maglite for producing such a durable flashlight.

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