Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights

Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights

Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights like the Promotional flashlights and other multi-function tools will bring you long term brand exposure at a relatively low investment.  They have been around for over three decades and are the brand many police departments and security guards turn to where lives depend on essential reliability and function.  We have custom printed Maglite flashlights with variable beam focus control which produces an incredibly bright white light powerful enough to flood a large area or the user can focus to a more direct stronger, brighter and smaller beam that will travel the length of the field.

Our custom printed Maglite flashlights are constructed with superior technology and craftsmanship evident in their long living usability through rough and tough applications. They are an often used and appreciated gift that will withstand the riggers of time equating to billboarding your engraved branding for exceptional longevity. What a subtle but strong Bang for your Advertising Bucks!

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Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights

Every custom printed Maglite flashlights embodies a balance of technological optics, efficient power, rugged and durable construction, and unmatched quality. Each custom printed Maglite flashlights includes two high intensity White Star Krypton Gas Lamps for a brighter light and increased distances. The high intensity adjustable light beam will change from a Spot to a Flood quickly and easily to meet the current circumstance.  The casing is a rugged, machined aluminum construction with a knurled design appearance.  It is Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion, water and shock resistance.  There is a spare lamp housed inside the tail cap to complete the package.

A Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights Story

Choosing a custom printed Maglite flashlights as a promotional product truly makes a statement.   It indicates your thoughtfulness for safety and indicates the importance of having light to brighten their path or help find the keyslot, and so many other daily incidents.  Connecting your name with the well recognized and respected Maglite keeps your brand in good company,  a factor that will be a standout and easily recognized by your clients, potential clients, employees and friends.  The Maglite carries a guarantee with backbone to substantiate their quality and long life.  A custom printed Maglite flashlights promotional campaign is sure to have an impressive Return On Investment.

About 22 years ago I purchased a 4 cell Maglite for work. A little later I purchased 2 of the smaller double A mini Maglites, a blue one and a black one. I lost the black one. A couple days ago while tearing down a small bridge in my backyard I had built to get to an outbuilding when it rained. When I tore out the bridge, there it was, the black Maglite I had lost many years before, buried in mud and water for all those years and, of course, I expected it to be ruined. I took it inside, washed it off and let it dry.

Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights For Branding Your Logo

I removed the old batteries (actually still looking good) and replaced them with new ones, gave the head a twist and WaLaa, it worked!. Mag has and always be my flashlight of choice. While serving on the USS Memphis SSN-691, we lost power. When there are no lights in a sub you find out just how dark can be with NO light. The Emergency DC lighting had been disabled for an upgrade. I was stationed in the Reactor Control room. At the loss of light I grabbed my Maglite from the holster and put it in the candle mode. We were able to maintain Reactor Safety until power was restored.


Over a year ago I lost my 3 D-cell MAGLITE. While working under my truck the other day, WALAA there was my MAGLITE, stuck in a cross frame member from when I worked on the truck over a year ago. It required a hammer to get it out from where it had gotten lodged. But after installing of new batteries it lit up as usual with no problem. The out side was filthy, the lens was scratched and it needs new paint, but the seals held up and there was not even any corrosion in the battery compartment or any moisture in the flash light itself.

Good In All Seasons Custom Printed Maglite Flashlights

Certainly more than could be expected after going through all four seasons exposed to the elements in Michigan. I will stick with Maglite as long as they are available. During my U.S. Navy Law Enforcement career I owned a 6 D-cell Maglite which was absolutely my flashlight of first choice.   That custom printed Maglite flashlights got lost and I haven’t found a replacement since. Maglite is a flashlight for life and unless lost, it will be your buddy for life.  Thank You from a more than satisfied owner.


If After a look at these testimonials is there any doubt about choosing a Maglite manufactured flashlight to please your clients, potential clients, treasured employees and friends? Choosing a product with Maglite’s reputation for lasting quality and dependabilty is guaranteed ensuring your custom printed Maglite flashlights will be exposed with every use for years and years to come.  Give us a call.    The sooner your engraved Printed Maglite Flashlights are distributed the sooner you will reap the promotional benefits and all at our very lowest prices that include your imprint. Let’s get this custom printed Maglite flashlights order started today.