Custom Printed Maglites

Custom Printed Maglites

Custom printed Maglites history. When miners used to go down in the coal mines before the days of electricity, they relied on a smaller version of gas lamp for light so they could get to the coal face. These lamps proved highly dangerous because of their flammable properties and the naked flame. In 1815 Humphrey Davy discovered a solution by enclosing the naked flame in wire mesh.

He built an award winning portable lamp that would protect both the lamp holder and also the people around it from catching fire. The Royal Society awarded him the Rumford medal for his public service and invention. However, the his lamp did not correct the problem, it actually turned out to increase mining accidents because people worked parts of a mine that were previously closed off because of safety concerns.

By 1896 the first ‘dry cell’ battery was invented containing a paste electrolyte rather than liquid, as used in previous efforts. The dry cell battery led to inventions or creations of many different handheld devices to replace cumbersome larger designs. These were non-flammable to the coal face and completely free of the problem gasses of earlier lighting efforts and, needless to say, a much safer lighting system for the miners. Order your custom printed Maglites today!

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Custom Printed Maglites

Modern Custom Printed Maglites have come a long way since the original gas lites.  Now our Maglites use LED (light emitting diode) bulbs and rechargeable batteries, which have a far longer lifespan with a brighter whiter beam.

Custom Printed Maglites Are The Perfect Handout

Portability, usability, and gender friendly features of the Promotional Custom Printed Maglites translates into a perfect handout or gift  for your next promotional campaign.  They are available in many different styles, shapes and sizes, from a small pocket key chain for seeing your car lock to the large highway emergency type flashlight.   LED technology not only provides a brighter whiter beam, it also allows beam adjustment to be changed instantly from an intense spotlight beam or used to light up a distant area with a wider and somewhat less intense beam or  used to brighten up your work area.

Custom Printed Maglites Fit Into Your Glove Box Perfectly

Many companies choose a Custom Printed Maglites as the ideal giveaway because of its usefulness in so many areas. The key chain style flashlight can be used in many situations and is simple to carry around. A small handheld flashlight can easily be carried in the glove compartment of your car, a kitchen or office drawer, to be handy for those ‘just in case’ moments and a larger one is always useful in the trunk of your car,  tool box or shop

and you never know when it might be needed in your home to cover during a power failure.  Think of  Custom Printed Maglites for the more fun and adventurous outings like a camping trip, a hike or an evening stroll both for light and safety.

Brand With Custom Printed Maglites

Imagine your company logo or message on the side of Custom Printed Maglites and you can certainly make it happen. Contact Save On Promotional Products, we will quote the best and lowest market prices on promotional flashlights from the smaller pocket sized, key chain sized up to the tactical big boys. They all make outstanding trade show giveaways as you choose the right Maglite for your audience, give away in your store to clients and potential clients, or use them a handout at conventions and exhibitions and give your customers the opportunity to pass your name around and do some advertising for you.  The Mini Custom Printed Maglites are a dynamic advertising gift and having your name linked with world famous Maglite is a good thing.


Call us to get your Custom Printed Maglites order rolling, the sooner they are distributed, the sooner you will reap the added name exposure benefits.