Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights

Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights

Custom Mini Maglite Flashlights have Big Light Power which describes our all new Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights. They look similar to our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in 1988 and function the same simple way too.  Just twist the head to turn it on and off or to focus the spotlight to floodlight. Thanks to the state of the art LED light source, you will be impressed to see the powerful bright white light coming from this small size flashlight. You get a blast of light to see an object or person at the far end of the parking lot or a flood of light to surround you.

Promotional beautifully engraved Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights are in a class of their own when it comes to choosing an outstanding promotional product.  They have an incredibly useful purpose and that is to light up the night or any dark place. Avoid finding yourself in the dark when all you need do is grab a Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights, twist the head and WaLaa the comfort and safety of light.

Furthermore your recipients will thank you and your company for gifting a possible life saver and bring comforting light to those in need. Flashlights have come to the rescue frequently during policing incidents, outdoor activities, night jogs or any vehicle incident like a flat, or looking for a dropped object or something in the glove compartment, to name a few possible situations. You can be certain our promotional Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights won’t let you down whatever your need be.

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Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights

A story I heard to substantiate the quality of a Maglite impressed me.  I found a pile of tools scattered on a workbench from someone who quit some time ago. In there was a beat up blue AA mini-Mag. It had been robbed of its batteries and bulbs, so I got a new pack of bulbs and a new set of batteries, and sure enough, it  works. To test its endurance, I have taken that blue one into a lake while swimming (my 8-year old niece LOVES flashlights) and it didn’t get a drop of water inside.  What a pleasure to find products that really are as good and reliable as they are touted to be, I feel confident and without doubt that a Maglite is all its cracked up to be! I

Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights Are An Exceptional Item

From an advertisers point of view engraved Promotional Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights are an exceptional promotional product. Because of their frequent usage and unquestioned durability they will be in service for many many years. Of course, durability speaks directly to the quality of design, materials and construction and who wouldn’t want their branding or company name on an item sure to stay in use with their clients for years to come? Each time the Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights gets used it will be associated with your logo, a connection with deep and positive characteristics which is what using promotional products to promote and grow your business is all about.

Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights And The Box They Are In

Decorate the presentation box with you logo or brand in corporate or coordinating colors and, of course, the flashlight will be beautifully engraved as well.  Also you might want to check out the Maglite Solitaire LED, a LED 2 cell pocket or purse flashlight, slightly longer than the Solitaire but in the handy size range to make great gift or promotional product.  Our catalog includes many other Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights, and larger flashlights clear up to the rugged tactical items all of which are fantastic gifting items to keep you in memory for many years to come.

Save On Promotional Products looks forward to your call.  We can get your Custom Printed Mini Maglite Flashlights order started today.