Engraved Maglites

Engraved Maglites

Keychain size Maglite Flashlights with Big Light Power is what  describes our all new engraved Maglites. It features the classic look of our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in 1988. And it works in the same simple way.  Twist the head to turn it on, turn it off and focus the spotlight to floodlight. Thanks to the new, state of the art LED light engine, you will be impressed with to see the powerful bright white light coming from such a small flashlight. You get a blast of light to see an object at the far end of the parking lot.

When thinking flashlights, chances are the Maglite brand just pops up  in your head. For over 40 years engraved Maglites have been illuminating the world with powerful light proven to stand up to the toughest situations over and over again. Industry leaders get to be front runners, they are always at the top of their game and they never let their customers down. What better promotional product to put your custom engraved name on than a popular and renowned engraved Maglites!

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Engraved Maglites

Engraved Maglites are a outstanding promotional product because they are so incredibly useful. You will never find yourself in the dark when you can grab on of these.

Furthermore they will thank your company for handing out a gift that can be a life saver and bring comforting those in need. Flashlights have come in handy so frequently during police dealings, outdoor activities, night hikes or  to change a flat, just to name a few situations. Whatever your need, you can be certain that our engraved Maglites.

Engraved Maglites Are An Exceptional Promotional Item

From an advertising point of view engraved Maglites are an exceptional promotional product because they are so durable. Who wouldn’t enjoy having logo or company name on an item that is sure to stay with their clients for years to come? Each time the recipient of your customized Mini Maglite uses it, they will see your logo and associate your business with positive characteristics, the subtle advantage of using promotional products.

Promote With Engraved Maglites

It’s important to remember gifting promotional products isn’t simply about putting your logo on an item and giving it away. It’s about customizing your superior item of choice that will impress your clients. Choosing respected manufactures with a history of producing only high quality merchandise, you can be absolutely certain that your choice of a Maglite device is a quality product you will proud to have display your brand and once you start giving out high quality items your clients will recognize your desire for fine quality which will reflect on their feeling toward you and your company.

Engraved Maglites  Bring Incredible Value

We know value and cost are equally important to your company and that’s why we’ve selected the engraved Maglites that will fit any budget and will amaze and please your clients.

Browse our huge selection of Maglites to fully see all that we have to offer. We have standard promotional Maglites in a variety of colors as well as engraved Maglites   complete with a case and batteries. If you are looking for an item to keep close at hand, consider our options that come with a promotional attachment. For important clients who are hunting enthusiasts or who simply love being outdoors, consider a engraved Maglites ?

Mini Maglites are a great giveaway for industries focused on safety. They are also ideal for hardware companies or businesses that sell outdoor equipment. However, they are never limited to a specific industries and also work well for any company interested in giving their clients a truly exceptional engraved Maglites .