Laser Engraved 2C Maglites

Laser Engraved 2C Maglites

A Keychain size Flashlight with Powerful Big Light describes our Laser Engraved 2C Maglites. It features the classic look of our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in the eighties and it works in the same simple way too.  A twist of the head turns it from on to off and from spotlight to floodlight, it’s just that simple.  But thanks to state of the art LED light technology, you get a lot more light than you might have expected from this little guy.  A blast of light will shine on an object at the far end of the field or another twist and you bright surrounding light.

No flashlight the size of this mini Laser Engraved 2C Maglites incorporates the many features and functions of this uniquely designed flashlight. Now this iconic little guy has become a classic American design, famous around the world for its powerful brightness, unquestioned quality, durability, and dependability. For life long protection it is Anodized for corrosion, water and shock resistance and is enclosed in a durabile, rugged, machined aluminum case also designed to match its long life. It is of a compact design and has a spare bulb in tail cap.

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Laser Engraved 2C Maglites

We’ve heard many of our clients chose Laser Engraved 2C Maglites above all other flashlight manufacturers to promotionally advertise their business because of Maglites’ high quality reputation which has held firmly for over forty years.  At their inception there was a serious need for a quality heavy duty flashlight in the marketplace and WaLaa, the Maglites have very successfully filled that spot.  Today a tactical Maglite flashlight works alongside all of our protective forces, the brave policeman, fireman, military personnel, and security guards to fulfill their daily tasks or incidents.  The Quality of the Maglite holds strong against the toughest situations and because they can hold up against the rigors of those “force” service conditions, rest assured when you most need a light, your Laser Engraved 2C Maglites will handle the job.

Be Proud Of Your Laser Engraved 2C Maglites

Yours and any company should be proud to engrave their company name or brand on any of our custom Laser Engraved 2C Maglites. Because they are so durable and will last for years to come, you can make certain that your logo will stay around in homes, businesses and client vehicles longer.  That means your initial small investment will be reaching out to your clients its entire life, insuring that long time connection and that is the exact point of promotional advertising.

Laser Engraved 2C Maglites To Help Achieve Growth

By simply gifting Laser Engraved 2C Maglites with your logo on it, you are exposing your business to many consumers who very well had not heard of it before.  Grow your business by retaining the clients you have and nurturing the potentials. A marketing investment in Laser Engraved 2C Maglites can help you achieve those “growth” goals!


Many clients are concerned with the economy and prefer to keep jobs at home by consistently working with American based companies to stimulate the economy and keep and bring more jobs home. If that is your concern as it is ours, then promotional custom Laser Engraved 2C Maglites really are the perfect promotional tool for you. Maglites was founded in the later seventies in Ontario, California and remain in that location to this day, a good indicator of their solid foundation and maintaining their Made In America reputation.  Comforting to know its a great flashlight and your order will keep more Americans on the job.

We also have the old standbys like the standard, original “C” and “D” cell Maglites always available. Great gifts for an incentive gift or company tool for anyone and always appreciated. For those who think that traditional Maglites are too large and heavy but who want a powerful flashlight still the same, we offer all sizes including the Laser Engraved 2C Maglites and many other minis that can be carried on a keychain or a utility belt. They also store easily in the glove compartment of your vehicle


Check out our large selection of Laser Engraved 2C Maglites and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about!