Laser Engraved 3D Maglites

Laser Engraved 3D Maglites

Take a peak at the laser engraved 3D Maglites for your next event. Everyone loves and looks forward to freebies collected at trade shows and handout gifts to remind them of the occasion. Excite your clients and potential clients with a superior flashlight, handsomely engraved and manufactured by a superior manufacturer.  You can’t go wrong with a  Laser Engraved 3D Maglites.A dependable and durable flashlight is an essential part of the gear when headed out for a big  adventure.  The Laser Engraved 3D Maglites is compact and will fit in a backpack and can dependably provide light when needed. Be prepared by being sure to include the correct replacement batteries for your unit and a spare light bulb in your pack to ensure you will always have a working flashlight with you.

Next, the flashlight should be turned off and then unscrew the bottom section of the casing and turn the Laser Engraved 3D Maglites upside down and drop the batteries out.  Always remove the batteries prior to replacing the bulb.

Third, locate the light focus adjustment at the top of the flashlight. Turn it counter clockwise until it comes off.  Be careful when removing the top portion, a lens cover may be present over the bulb.

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Laser Engraved 3D Maglites

Forth, remove the old bulb from the Laser Engraved 3D Maglites. You may have to jiggle it a bit to get it loosen up; some bulbs may just pop right out while others need a little encouragement by guiding the bulb connector tips toward the two slots to allow the connector tips to slide from the casing. Be careful not to grasp the bulb too hard during this procedure.

Tips On The Laser Engraved 3D Maglites

Fifth, gently push the new bulb into place, make sure the two connector tips slide into place without getting bent or damaged. You may need to guide the tips into place using the two slots on one side of the flashlight’s bulb housing.

Sixth, replace the lens cover if removed when opening the flashlight, gently screw the top cover back in place. Replace the batteries, screw the bottom of the Laser Engraved 3D Maglites tightly into place. Press the switch to test the bulb. You may need to adjust the light focus by turning the top of the flashlight one way or the other.

Laser Engraved 3D Maglites Are A Force

Laser Engraved 3D Maglites are highly regarded as the perfect fit in any industry or “force” where dependable, heavy duty rugged equipment is essential to handle whatever incident may be confronted.  The engraving is so well done your brand or name and will be attractive and visible throughout the life of the light and will not rub out even after years of normal wear.  An important Laser Engraved 3D Maglites handout will be used frequently and with each use your clients will remember your company generosity and your connection to quality and perfection that they can depend on to brighten a dark path.

With decades of experience in the Promotional Products Industry, Save On Promotional Product will offer suggestions and recommendations to assist in making your Laser Engraved 3D Maglites a huge success.  Our lowest possible pricing and friendly, knowledgeable service will make you a happy camper.  Give us a call to order Laser Engraved 3D Maglites, you will be glad you did.