Laser Engraved AAA Maglites

Laser Engraved AAA Maglites

A Keychain size Flashlight with Big Light Power describes our all new laser engraved AAA Maglites. It looks much the same as our original Solitaire flashlight which was introduced in 1988. It works in the same simple way too, just twist the head to turn it on and off and to change focus from spot to flood. Thanks to new, state of the art LED light technology, you get more than you would expect to see coming from a flashlight so small in size.  You get a blast of power that lights an object at the far end of the parking lot, twist the head back and you will be surrounded by light.

When you think flashlights, you think Maglites because they have been lighting up the world with powerful flashlights for over four decades.  They have proven they can tackle the tough jobs time and time again and they have staying power for years and years of reliable service.  The Laser Engraved AAA Maglites are manufactured by the flashlight industry leader and to maintain that position in the industry they are always on top of their game and will never let their customers down.  What a promotional product that makes!   The Laser Engraved AAA Maglites are champ order yours today!

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Laser Engraved AAA Maglites

Promotional Laser Engraved AAA Maglites are a great tool and always a welcomed gift because everyone, guys and gals of all ages, use them and even if they have one they can always use another to keep in a second handy location.  Anyone caught in the dark will want to have a dependable Maglite available to grab and WaLaa darkness turns to light and thanks to your gift once again your promotional product has improved life in a good way and that (and with every use) is when your clients will be saying “thanks for your generosity”.

Laser Engraved AAA Maglites Are The Choice Of Champions

Maglite flashlights have  become the flashlight of choice for policemen, firemen, security people and the beloved young men serving our country.  They count on Maglites quality and craftsmanship to function impeccably whenever their emergency or dangerous situations arise.  You too can depend on Laser Engraved AAA Maglites to be your recipients flashlight of choice during outdoor activities like hiking, camping, traversing a dark path, fixing a flat, finding a keyhole, whatever the light need may be,inside or out, your customized promotional Laser Engraved AAA Maglites will handle it.

Laser Engraved AAA Maglites Are Long Lasting

As an advertising product Promotional Laser Engraved AAA Maglites are an exceptional promotional product.  They are constructed from the get go to be a quality product that will be dependable and long lasting (almost forever). Who wouldn’t want their logo or company name on an item sure to stay with their clients for years? Each and every time the recipient of your customized Laser Engraved AAA Maglites uses it, they can’t help but see your beautifully engraved logo and associate your business with the positive and uplifting characteristics of Maglites. This is the subtle beauty of using promotional products to speak for you.

Laser Engraved AAA Maglites For Your Brand

It isn’t good enough to print your name on just any item and give it out  which very likely could put negative thoughts in a clients head. It’s imprinting or engraving your brand or logo on a superior promotional item that will WOW your clientele making them think of you in a positive, good way every time the product is used.  Perhaps a slightly increased original investment but the rewards are worth every cent.  Once your audience starts to realize you only give out high quality items they will recognize your appreciation for the finer dependable product qualities which reflects that image in their feeling toward you and your company.


Cost and value are both important to your bottom line and for that reason we often recommend Laser Engraved AAA Maglites.  They are priced to fit any budget and they are a superior item that always pleases your special client or the crowd at a big event.




Browse through our very complete selection of Maglites to see everything we have to offer.  We have standard promotional Maglites in many colors and promotional Laser Engraved AAA Maglites complete with a case and batteries. When looking for an item to keep close at hand,  you might want to consider our several options that come with a promotional attachment. For your important outdoorsmen (or women) clients who simply love being outdoors,whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, they would love the promotional camouflage cased Mini Maglites.


Laser Engraved AAA Maglites are great giveaways for any industry focused on safety. They are also ideal for companies or businesses that sell outdoor equipment like hardware stores and sporting goods stores.

They work well too for those companies who are “bent” on gifting their clients with truly superior products they will love and use and there is no better manufacturer to hook your logo or brand to than Maglites, it’s a winning combination.


We are eager to hear from you.  Give us a call and we can get your order for Laser Engraved AAA Maglites off and rolling today.