Laser Engraved Mini Maglite Flashlights

Laser Engraved Mini Maglite Flashlights

Once upon a time the humble laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights were in danger of becoming extinct because it was a rather poor source of light. It may have been useful in emergency situations but between times it would languish in a dark cupboard or draw somewhere, to be thought about only when the power went out or the basement bulb blew. The poor laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights were a very simple piece of equipment with very limited capabilities. It had one switch which turned the internal bulb on and the same switch, pressed again, to turn it off. That was the only thing it could do. Its beam was broad and when the batteries were strong and new it could transmit light for at least eighty feet or so, but once the batteries weakened it was less capable of functioning. One day, the flashlight simply failed to turn on and was discarded by its owner for a better version. Enter the magnificent Maglite. The Maglite flashlight is the brainchild of Anthony Maglica, who was born in New York of Croatian descent.
Maglica created them using durable and tough material. He also designed the flashlight to have an adjustable beam done by rotating the head of the lamp and adjusting to the handler’s specific requirements at the time of use. Mag Instruments boasts a huge product range of flashlights which are suitable for virtually any trade, any job or any hobby, including underwater pursuits. Take a look at these laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights and you won’t be disappointed.

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Laser Engraved Mini Maglite Flashlights

Let us go back in time before the laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights. According to reports Jacques Cousteau, the famous under water explorer has also used many of the Mag Instrument products in his filming.

Laser Engraved Mini Maglite Flashlights For all Walks Off Life

This means that virtually every walk of life has a place for a laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights and it also means they can be used perfectly as promotional tools for companies who are promoting a new item, service or product. Most companies, at one time or another, will rely on some sort of promotion to put their name about. A new company will most certainly need some kind of leverage when trying to win new customers. Trade shows are a superb way of exhibiting your new company and its nature of business. They are also perfect for exhibiting new products and services.

Use Laser Engraved Mini Maglite Flashlights For Your next Trade Show

Anyone who as ever visited or exhibited at a trade show will know that almost every vendor and exhibitor will have one or two free gifts that they gladly give away to anyone who visits their stand. These items can be in the form of baseball caps, key chains, yard sticks, walking sticks and polo shirts. This opens the door to other business and leisure related gift ideas that you could use to promote your company. If you are planning on attending a trade show to promote your established or new company, think about laser engraved mini Maglite flashlights as the perfect giveaway item. They can be designed with your logo, and placed into presentation boxes, if you choose. Contact us for the lowest prices on the market and the fastest service.