Laser Engraved Mini Maglites

Laser Engraved Mini Maglites

Located in Ontario,  Mag Instruments are the makers of the famous Maglite flashlights and offers Laser Engraved Mini Maglites . The company that produces the highly popular portable light source was founded in 1979, by Anthony Maglica, a native New Yorker. He constructed his own version of a hard wearing flashlight by using anodized (6061) aluminum and gave the flashlight a variable beam by making the tip rotate to widen or narrow the focus of the beam. This was a revolutionary idea at the time, as most average flashlights simply switched on and off and had no other features.
The features of the laser engraved mini Maglites is so useful that police departments began using them because they could adjust the beam for smaller places and create a more intense beam when it came to catching absconders and criminals. The LAPD—Los Angeles Police Department—switched to the smaller LED Maglite flashlights in 2007 because they could not be used as batons. This came in response to an incident where an LAPD officer was accused of using his large Maglite to inflict excessive force on a suspect. The smaller, lighter laser engraved mini Maglites were easier to carry and could be slipped into a pocket, rather than mounted on their utility belts.

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Laser Engraved Mini Maglites

Most new laser engraved mini Maglites come with a spare bulb, which is concealed inside the tail cap. Users simply unscrew the tail cap and locate the spare bulb inside the spring coil for the batteries. The smaller versions take two AA batteries and are available in four colors. The single cell mini Maglite flashlights take one AAA battery and have small holes at the tail cap so they can be attached to a key chain.

Laser Engraved Mini Maglites Are So Versatile

The versatile thing about laser engraved mini Maglites is that they can be used in a multitude of situations. They are extremely useful when doing outdoor pursuits like camping, orienteering, an evening walk with the dog or any other leisurely pastime. They are also amazing in an emergency and people can carry them in the glove box of the car, the trunk of the car or in their pocket for those ‘just in case’ moments. They are also perfect for many industries. Plumber and electricians use them, security guards use them and many other areas of business rely on laser engraved mini Maglites.

Laser Engraved Mini Maglites Come In Many Colors

These are some of the reasons why laser engraved mini Maglites are highly suitable to be used as free giveaway items for promotional purposes. Promotional Maglite flashlights can be in a range of colors, sizes and presentation boxes. General Maglite colors are usually silver, red, black, green, blue, gold, and purple. Because of the popularity of Maglite flashlights it is very possible to order them as a bulk buy to use as free gifts for your new or existing customers. Perhaps you are planning to attend a trade show in t eh near future and you are wondering what you use as gifts. Try the laser engraved mini Maglites and contact us for further information on getting the lowest market prices.