Laser Engraved Solitaire Maglite Flashlights

Laser Engraved Solitaire Maglite Flashlights

Laser engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights have a reputation for being robust and sturdy, having spent a week in a swamp after being lost by the owner and found on their return visit. They have been run through the laundry and survived, and been retrieved intact from a deep fat fryer full of grease. There is no doubt that laser engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights are a great gift for anyone, especially as a corporate promotional gift. Maglite flashlights were created by Tony Maglica when he founded the company in 1955. He designed and manufactured the revolutionary flashlight to be strong, durable and virtually unbreakable. His notion for the company was to produce quality flashlights at reasonable prices as well as create a strategy to offer excellent customer service and preserve American jobs.
The range of engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights start from the keychain sized light which has amazing power. This item would be perfect as a corporate promotional gift that could be given away either by itself or as part of a keychain. The Maglite Solitaire is a nifty little flashlight that you can literally take with you anywhere, making them ideal for trade shows, exhibitions and company freebies.
Your corporate colors and logo can be put on the presentation box or bag as well, as being engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights itself. You can also look at the Mini Maglite, which is an LED 2 cell pocket flashlight, slightly longer than the engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights. They also made great gifts and promotional items along with the rest of the entire catalog.

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Laser Engraved Solitaire Maglite Flashlights

The robust and tough engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights can also be given away to electricians, mechanics, carpenter, builders, gardeners, woemn, janitors, businessmen, lawyers, friends, daycare owners and anyone who ever worries about the power going out.
If you own a company and you are considering which type of promotional gift would be ideal for your customers, think about the ways in which a Maglite can enhance your life.

Laser Engraved Solitaire Maglite Flashlights Appeal To A Large Audience

You need to appeal to a large audience and if your engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights is to promote your company as a new company, you must also be able to back up your promises with good products and good service, otherwise the gift will be worthless. If your company has been well established for some time you may already have a client base with far reaching tentacles, but you can always use new business.

Promote Your Business With Laser Engraved Solitaire Maglite Flashlights

Giving away freebies always attracts people because they love something for nothing. It is also topical to many types of business, so giving away engraved Solitaire Maglite flashlights if you own a camping store would be ideal. Perhaps you own a sports store and sell hiking supplies, or you own an electrical supply store and you want to give your customers a logo embossed flashlight for their own use, the choice is up to you.

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