Printed Maglites

Printed Maglites

Printed Maglites have been around for over thirty years and have been the brand that most police departments and security guards turn to when they are looking for a dependable light that is also functional and durable. The beam on the Maglites is a variable-focus beam which provides an incredibly bright light that can be used to cover a larger flood area, or it can be focused to become a stronger, brighter and yet smaller beam. You are in control when you use a Maglite and because of that, as well as the superior technology and prices that are affordable on almost any budget, Maglite flashlights are one of the best options to turn to when looking for promotional items.
As was previously stated, printed Maglites have been the go-to flashlight for police departments and military services for years. Because of that you can be certain that if the flashlight can withstand such wear and tear that it inevitably comes in contact with on a daily basis then your printed Maglites can withstand just about any use you may have for it. They are designed to be tough tools and to support you when you need it most. Those are incredible characteristics that any company should be proud to be associated with, Join the elite and order your printed Maglites today..

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Printed Maglites

The printed Maglites have the standard options on the C cell and D cell flashlights that are designed for use in situations where more light is more appropriate. We also have mini Maglite flashlights available that are easily transported and stored just about anywhere. You can keep your mini in your car’s glove compartment, or in your tool kit, emergency kit or more.

Printed Maglites Are Very Light Weight And Come In Handy

Printed Maglites are lightweight and designed to go with you wherever you may need to take it without worrying about the weight of the flashlight or having it pull your jeans or utility belt down. That way you can be balanced and take care of any business you may need to.

Printed Maglites Make Exceptional Gifts

Printed Maglites like the mini  make for exceptional gifts because some of them come in handy cases as well as batteries. Some options even have key chain attachments included so that you can be sure to always have a flashlight at your fingertips. If you are looking for creative printed Maglites, we have mini Maglites in a camouflage print as well as one printed with the American flag’s stars and stripes. Our printed Maglites come in a variety of different colors to better match your logo design, company colors or corporate theme.
A great way to promote goodwill within the community is to donate  printed Maglites to a local charity or as a gift to entice donations for a fundraising project that is going on in your area. Flashlights help save lives and give peace of mind so your clients will associate your company with all of those positive traits and thank you for your generous gift.
Check out our selection of promotional flashlights and order your printed Maglites today!